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Posted February 2, 2012

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Lopez Legacy Lives on at Albuquerque High

Three generations of the Lopez family are at AHS this year: Teachers John and Stephen and freshman Andrew

AHS teachers John Lopez and his son Stephen and Stephen's son Andrew. Photo courtesy the AHS Record.

By Genesis Del Rio
Staff Writer, Albuquerque High School Record

John Lopez has been teaching at Albuquerque High School longer than any other teacher. Mr. Lopez attended Immaculate Heart of Mary High School, a Catholic school in Santa Fe. After he graduated from high school, he came to Albuquerque to study at UNM, where he graduated in 1971. After becoming a teacher at Albuquerque High in 1972, Mr. Lopez started a family. In 1979, he had a son named Stephen.

Stephen Lopez attended St. Charles Elementary School, went on to Wilson Middle School then went to Albuquerque High School. He graduated from Albuquerque High in 1997.

He attended UNM like his father. Both son and father studied to become educators, and both have a passion for teaching. In 2000, Stephen became a teacher and went on to work at Valley High School for two years, until a position opened up at Albuquerque High School.

Stephen Lopez started as a special education science teacher and now is the head of special education at AHS. Stephen Lopez has now been teaching at AHS for 10 years.

The cycle is repeating itself with Andrew Lopez, who is a freshman at Albuquerque High. He attended Bandelier Elementary School and Jefferson Middle School. Andrew doesn’t want to be a teacher like his father and grandfather. He has different thoughts about what he wants to study. Right now he is in the Mighty Bulldog Marching Band and enjoys it.

John Lopez says he enjoys having his son and grandson in school during his final year before retirement.

“I admire my dad and it’s sad he is leaving next year, after so many years of teaching," said Stephen.

After writing a book and being a teacher for so many years, John Lopez plans to be on the radio.

“It's nice having my father and grandfather at school,” said Andrew Lopez.

Three generations of Lopez have come to Albuquerque High School, each leaving his own Bulldog paw prints. John Lopez’s print was his great way of teaching, the kindness in his heart, and the students whose lives he’s touched. Stephen Lopez’s print will be his great leadership of the special education staff and the help he has provided to special education kids.

Lastly Andrew Lopez will hopefully follow in the same footsteps as two generations before him. He still has three and a half years to do something wonderful in the school and to give everyone the chance to see how wonderful the Lopez family really is.

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