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Posted April 24, 2014

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Going Up?

You’ll need patience, or you might want to take the stairs, while the elevators at City Centre are being rebuilt over the next several months.

The 42-year-old elevators at the APS administration building are being completely overhauled over the next few months, which means longer waits to get from floor to floor. For some, this just might be the push they need to start taking the stairs.

These elevators have seen lots of ups and downs since they were built in 1972 - when Richard Nixon was president, you could buy a stamp for 8 cents, and the arcade game Pong made its debut.

Only one elevator will be working in each tower while the others are being rebuilt. More than 500 people work in the building on Uptown Boulevard, which also hosts many visitors from schools and the community.

While this will prove to be inconvenient for many, the rebuild is needed because the elevators were breaking down on a regular basis, putting employee and visitor safety at risk.

Taking the stairs may prove to be an option for some employees who don’t have health concerns. Using the stairs requires little additional time, no wardrobe change (unless you have a penchant for five-inch heels)  and can be a quick way for people to add physical activity to their day.

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