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Posted August 23, 2012

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Employees May Begin Accruing Comp Time for Upcoming Winter Break

APS will close administrative offices from Dec. 24-31 and reopen on Wednesday, Jan. 2.

APS will close its administrative offices for winter break from Monday, Dec. 24, through Tuesday, Jan. 1, reopening on Wednesday, Jan. Employees who would normally would be scheduled to work Dec. 28-Dec. 31 will need to take approved leave or compensatory time for Dec. 28, 29, 30 and 31.Dec. 24-25 and Jan. 1 are paid holidays.

Employees must charge the four non-holiday days to either approved leave or compensatory time in accordance with the following options: 

  1. Non-exempt employees may charge between one (1) and four (4) days to compensatory time, depending upon the work needs and approved by the location supervisor. Compensatory time will be worked at the time-and-a-half rate. For example, eight (8) hours of leave requires 5.33 additional hours of time worked.
  2. Exempt employees may, at the discretion of their supervisors, earn compensatory time at a rate of one hour for each hour worked over the forty hour work week. Compensatory time must be worked prior to Dec. 4, 2015, and mutually scheduled by the supervisor and the employee at a time most advantageous to the department.
  3. All records for compensatory time should be kept at the site by the supervisor.
  4. All four (4) days may be charged to annual leave or combination of annual and personal leave.
  5. All four (4) days or any portion thereof may be charged to leave without pay.
  6. All compensatory time must be pre-approved by a supervisor.
  7. The start date for accumulating comp time is Monday, July 13, 2015 

Employees will not be provided the opportunity to work at another site.  The district will, however, attempt to accommodate any new employee who has not had sufficient time to accrue annual leave so that they will not encounter loss of pay.  Supervisors may develop individual compensatory time plans in those particular cases.

The APS Police Department and KANW will not close during the holidays.

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