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Posted December 4, 2013

Employee Health Insurance Goes Up in 2014

Medical increased by 5% and dental by 7% on Jan. 1. Co-pays for doctor visits remain the same, but employees will now have a deductible for medical procedures and tests and will be responsible for 20% of costs up to $6,750 per family.

Medical insurance premiums increased by 5% and dental insurance by 7% on Jan. 1. The increase in medical insurance ranges from $2.64 for an individual to $12.44 for a family per pay period. The increased cost for dental insurance translates to about 40 cents for an individual and $1 for a family per pay period

Co-pays for primary care doctor visits, specialists and urgent care didn't change. Once you pay your co-pay the rest of your visit to the primary care doctor, specialist or urgent care will be covered by the plan.

In addition, preventive services will be continue to be covered at 100 percent with no co-pay for in-network care. These include routine physicals, well-child care including vision and hearing screenings (through age 17), immunizations, and adult wellness and related testing including routine pap tests, cholesterol tests, urinalysis, mammograms and colonoscopies.

Deductibles and Co-Insurance
For all other/additional medical procedures and tests the medical insurance plan will transition from being a co-pay-only plan to a deductible and co-insurance plan.

The deductible on the APS plan is $250 per individual and $750 per family. For services subject to the deductible, the APS plan includes 20% co-insurance after the deductible is met. The out-of-pocket maximum on the APS plan includes the deductible and is $2,250 per individual, maximum of $6,750 per family.

The plan design changes are a direct result of insufficient funding from the state of New Mexico to continue to maintain health care benefits at the high level of care employees have experienced for so many years.

APS realizes that these increased health benefit costs puts a strain on family budgets. However, in order for the plan to remain solvent, changes had to be made. The Board of Education approved these changes with a heavy heart as they understand the struggles we all face in these economic times.

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