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Posted November 8, 2017

Pre-treatment Dental Estimates

Unexpected bills aren’t fun for anyone

Avoid surprises with a dental plan pre-treatment estimate.

It’s much easier to budget for expenses you’re expecting.  That’s why Delta Dental makes it easy for you to find out whether a proposed dental treatment is covered, what amount the APS dental plan will pay, and the difference that will be your responsibility.  A pre-treatment estimate is particularly important with the changes to the APS dental plans that went into effect January 1, 2018. 

Here’s how it works: When you are expecting extensive dental work and want to know what your share of the cost will be, ask your dentist to submit the proposed treatment plan to Delta Dental for a pre-treatment estimate. A pre-treatment estimate gives Delta a chance to review the proposed treatment in accordance with your dental plan coverage. They can then determine what portion of the treatment will be covered under the APS dental plan, whether you will exceed your annual maximum benefit amount, and what portion will be your financial responsibility.

Delta Dental will send a pre-treatment estimate notice to you and a copy to your dentist. Delta encourages you to review the notice with your dentist and discuss treatment options before deciding on treatment.

With a pre-treatment estimate, you’ll know ahead of time how much of the bill you’ll be responsible for. A pre-treatment estimate gives you the opportunity to learn about your options—and it makes it easier for you to budget for your dental care.

Delta Dental Plan of New Mexico administers the self-funded dental plan for Albuquerque Public Schools employees and their covered family members.  If you have questions about your dental plan coverage, Delta Dental can be reached at 855-7111.

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