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Posted January 19, 2012

City Centre Employees Save 100 Trees

Nearly 6 tons of paper were recycled and 41,000 gallons of water were saved through conservation efforts at the APS administrative building.

Nearly 6 tons of paper were recycled last year by City Centre employees, saving an estimated 100 trees.

In addition, conservation efforts cut water usage by nearly 41,000 gallons and oil usage by more than 11 barrels.

Gerald Shay, facility supervisor for City Centre (officially named the Bruce and Alice King Education Complex) reminded employees to continue their recycling efforts in 2012. He encouraged all employees to keep a paper recycling container by their desks. When the containers are full, they can be emptied in the large blue bins found in lobby areas or other central locations.

Flattened cardboard may also be placed in these areas at the end of each work day.

Employees who have questions about the recycling program can call Shay at 362-7638.

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