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Posted April 10, 2014

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Be Conservative Over Spring Break

Unplug electronics including computers, copiers, TVs and microwaves to conserve energy and save money.

As you prepare to take a well-deserved week-long break, Conservation Coordinator Ron Rioux asks that you consider unplugging electronics in an effort to conserve energy and save the district a few dollars.

"Beyond coal, petroleum, nuclear, alternative and even efficient use of energy there is another untapped resource: behavior," Rioux said. "Let's exploit conservation over spring break. Remember, if you need it, use it. If you don't, please turn it off and, during the break, unplug it."

Rioux suggests conducting an energy hunt before the break in search of potential energy wasters including computers, printers, Promethean boards, microwaves, refrigerators and copiers. He said these items should be unplugged, and all lights should be shut off in classrooms, bathrooms, gyms, cafeterias, locker rooms and halls.

APS spends more than $25,000 a day on electricity so every little bit helps.


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