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Posted September 6, 2017

Nearly 1,000 APS Employees are Paid from Federal Grants

Federal law requires that when an individual is paid from a federal grant source, personnel activity reports must be kept.

You may not know how your position is funded, it could be that you are receiving your pay through a federal grant. Federal law requires that when an individual is paid from a federal grant source, personnel activity reports must be kept.

Beginning in September, if you are paid from a federal grant source, you will receive an email with a link that will require you to complete a form stating the percentage of time worked on the federal program related to the grant. For step-by-step instructions contact .

Supervisors of federally funded employees will also receive emails to acknowledge the completion of the form.

Who will get these?

  • Anyone paid from a federal grant will receive this monthly even if they are fully funded -- this is new from the past practice.
  • Supervisors for acknowledgement

How is it determined who gets them?

  • All employees are coded to a payment source (fund) in Infor (Lawson) determined by the supervisor of that employee.
  • All forms are generated from actual payments to employees each month according to where the paycheck was coded.
  • Any payments that post to a cost account that begins with 2401, 2406, 2499 and/or 2599 will be included.

How much time do we have to respond?

  • Seven Days

What work do I include?

  • All contract work? -- Yes
  • All extended contract work? -- Yes
  • Differential pay for special duties/skills? -- No
  • Work performed outside my contract that I filled out a time-sheet for? -- No

What if I am off contract for the summer?

  • There is a drop down choice for off contract

What if I don’t think I should get the form?

  • Fill in the form and submit it anyway, because your paycheck does reflect federal funding.    
  • Talk to your supervisor to find out why you are coded to this fund
  • If there is an error, the supervisor should note it in the comments during their review of the form and send in a current ERF (Employee Request for Change form)
  • You are always welcome to email us with your concerns at and be sure to add your name and employee # in emails.

When will this start?

  • The data starting point is July 1, 2017.
  • Form distribution for July paychecks – Early September
  • Form distribution for August paychecks – Late September
  • Each month by the 10th for the preceding month’s paychecks

For example: by October 10, for September paychecks.

Grant Management can also be reached by calling 505-880-3778.

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