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Posted October 12, 2010

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APS Employees Can Now Sign up for Biometric Screenings

Schedule your appointment for a biometric screening today.

APS employees and their spouses/domestic partners who have health insurance through the district can now sign up to complete a free biometric screening. These screenings will be conducted over the next several months at more than 100 clinics at APS schools and worksites.

Dates, locations and appointments are available on the APS Employee Wellness website.

The cost of medical insurance has increased nationally on average between 9-12 percent. The biometric screening is one way APS has come up with to limit higher medical insurance costs for its employees and spouses/domestic partners insured through Presbyterian and Lovelace health plans.  These screenings provide a detailed assessment of an individual’s basic health indicators such as blood pressure, body mass index calculated from height and weight, cholesterol, blood glucose and pulse/heart rate.

Employees who have a biometric screening completed by Feb. 28, 2011, can avoid paying an additional $20 a month for individuals or $40 a month for employees with spouses/domestic partners.

To sign up for a free screening at an APS school or worksite, employees will need go to Employee Wellness and click on Schedule Your Screening Now. They will need to enter an email address and personal password. Employees who don’t have an email address may enter a false address including their first and last name followed by For example, an employee named John Smith would enter

Other information employees will be asked when signing up for a biometric screening include:

  • APS employee number
  • Name of health plan
  • Member number (located on insurance card)
  • Group number (located on insurance card)
  • Work location
  • Date of birth.

Employees and their spouses/domestic partners insured through the district may sign up for any APS clinic; they don’t have to go to the one held at their school or worksite.

Another option is to have a standard wellness visit/checkup by a primary care physician that includes the biometric screening by Feb. 28, 2011. Employees can obtain a checklist to bring to their doctor from the APS Employee Wellness website.

If employees already had a biometric screening completed as part of a wellness visit/checkup with their primary care physician after July 1, 2010, they also will receive the financial incentive. The health plans will send acknowledgment of the wellness visit/checkup to employees to keep for their records.

There is no need for employees to bring the results of their screenings or the health plan acknowledgment of the wellness visit/checkup to the APS Employees Benefits Office. Presbyterian and Lovelace will let APS know who hasn’t completed the screenings by the deadline, and only those individuals will pay the additional monthly benefits cost.

Normally, the screenings take 20-30 minutes. They include a blood pressure check and blood glucose and cholesterol screenings performed with a finger-stick. Participants are required to fast for eight to 12 hours before having blood drawn. Participants should drink plenty of water and take their medications during their fast.

The APS clinics will be run by registered nurses and/or licensed practical nurses. Qualified health care professionals also will be available to go over results and recommend next steps for the patient’s well-being. Though it is recommended that participants follow up on results because it is in their best interest to address any potential problems or risks, the decision is entirely up to the individual; neither APS nor the health plans are requiring any kind of follow-up.

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