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Person Title Phone
Lucinda Sanchez Associate Superintendent for Special Education (505) 855-9902
Germaine Sanchez Executive Administrative Assistant (505) 855-9901
Nadine Garcia Receptionist (505) 855-9900
Cindy Soo Hoo Executive Director: Compliance (505) 855-9907
Claudia Gutierrez Director: Student Achievement (505) 855-9914
Bernadette Lucero-Turner Director: Evaluation and Related Service (505) 855-9903
Bonnie Anderson Director: Budget/Data/Synergy (505) 855-9922
Stephanie Fascitelli District Principal Support and ESY (505) 855-5264
Principal Autism Center: PAC (505) 855-9926 ext. 26160
Bob VanArsdale Instructional Manager: Communication, DPH/Document Review, IEE, Tracking and Support PED Complaints (505) 855-9965
Loretta Garcia Instructional Manager: Discipline, Hearings, Schools of Choice (505) 855-9918
Lisa Heimer Principal Aztec: Homebound, IAES, RTC (505) 298-6752 ext. 88140
Connie Fasanella Principal Transition Services/Project SEARCH (505) 872-6800 ext. 46804
Yvette Montoya NE/NW Diag Center Supervisor (505) 352-1513 ext. 38980
Instructional Manager: APE, Parent Liaison, Transfers, Military Contact (505) 855-9900
Lisa Oliphant Principal Support for VVHS, DNHS, SHS Clusters and Charters (505) 855-9918
Costa Pavlakos • Principal Support for HHS Cluster and The Autism Center, Social Communication Services (Autism), Related Service Liaisons, Transportation (505) 266-6869
Patricia Rajala Principal Support for WMHS and EHS Clusters, Intensive Global Services (DK1, FSP, ISP), Nursing (505) 855-9949
Lila Ramirez Principal Support for Cibola Cluster, Social Emotional Services (BASE, ED, PACES), Behavior, NVCI, Review 360, School Psychologists, Tourette Syndrome (505) 855-9916
Tillie Tierney Principal Support for RGHS, VHS and AHAHS Clusters (505) 855-9909
Tracy Hutton Instructional Manager: Low Incidence (HI/VI), AT, Audiology, Interpreters, Records (505) 253-0310 ext. 67202
Cheryl Wise Instructional Manager: Compliance, Head Teachers, IEP Specialists (505) 855-9937
Linda Elliott Principal Support for AHS, MHS and LCHS Clusters (505) 855-9955
Jeff Renegar Specialist: Data Resources (505) 855-9915
Andrea Felts Assistant Principal Aztec Complex (505) 298-6752 ext. 88181