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IEP Specialists

IEP Specialists facilitate IEPs and manifestation determination meetings; assist with all parts of the IEP development; assist school personnel in complying with required timelines for reevaluations and annual IEP reviews; train school staff on IEP requirements; assure that IEPs are in compliance with federal and state laws/regulations and APS policies; collaborate with school staff in the scheduling of IEPs.

If your school does not have an assigned IEP specialist below, your school’s Head Special Education Teacher ensures the responsibilities listed above are completed.


Head TeacherEmail
A Montoya ES

Julie Furgison
Acoma ES Julie Furgison
Adobe Acres ES Gary Mims
Alameda ES Barbara Sias
Alamosa ES Donna Kirby
Albuquerque Evening Debbie O'Rourke
Albuquerque HS Donna Steege
Alvarado ES Claudia Mustafa
Apache ES Julie Furgison
Armijo ES Dee Little
Arroyo Del Oso ES Kathy Barber
Atrisco ES Kristina Moody
Atrisco Heritage Academy HS Irene Duran Sena
Autism Center Donna V. Cisneros
Bandelier ES Donna V. Cisneros
Barcelona ES Kaye Bates
Bel-Air ES Beth Lindsey
Bellehaven ES Debbie O'Rourke
Career Enrichment Center Donna Steege
Carlos Rey ES Jerry Goyer
Chamiza ES Mary Ann Boggio
Chaparral ES Lauren Calvin
Chelwood ES Kiley Wiemeri
Cibola HS Mary Ann Boggio
Cleveland MS Susan Oppel
Cochiti ES Donna Kirby
Collet Park ES Kiley Wiemeri
College & Career HS Donna Steege
Comanche ES Debbie O'Rourke
Coronado ES Linda Gignac
Corrales ES Melissa Graff
Del Norte HS Beth Lindsey
Dennis Chavez ES Susan Oppel
Desert Ridge MS Debbie O'Rourke
Desert Willow Susan Oppel
Dolores Gonzales ES Linda Gignac
Double Eagle ES Deborah McCray
Duranes ES Claudia Mustafa
Early College Academy Donna Steege
East San Jose ES Kelly Blair
Ecademy Donna Steege
E.G. Ross ES Deborah McCray
Edward Gonzales  ES Melissa Graff
Eisenhower MS Susan Oppel
Eldorado HS Kathy Barber
Emerson ES Irene Duran Sena
Ernie Pyle MS Kaye Bates
Eubank ES Kathy Barber
Eugene Field ES Linda Gignac
Family School Kiley Wiemeri
Freedom Debbie O'Rourke
Garfield MS Barbara Sias
Georgia O'Keefe ES Deborah McCray
Governor Bent ES Beth Lindsey
Grant MS Kathy Barber
Griegos ES Donna Kirby
Harrison MS Kaye Bates
Hawthorne ES Dee Little
Hayes MS Dee Little
Helen Cordero ES Jerry Goyer
Highland HS Donna V. Cisneros
Hodgin ES Beth Lindsey
Hoover MS Susan Oppel
Hubert Humphrey ES Kathy Barber
Inez Debbie O'Rourke
Jackson MS Kiley Wiemeri
James Monroe MS Lauren Calvin
Jefferson MS Donna Steege
Jimmy Carter MS Jerry Goyer
John Adams MS Lauren Calvin
John Baker ES Susan Oppel
Juvenile Detention Center Barbara Sias
Kennedy MS Debbie O'Rourke
Kirtland ES Kelly Blair
Kit Carson ES Kaye Bates
La Cueva HS Deborah McCray
La Luz ES Barbara Sias
La Mesa ES Irene Duran Sena
Lavaland ES Mary Ann Boggio
LBJ MS Mary Ann Boggio
Lew Wallace ES Kelly Blair
Longfellow ES Donna Steege
Los Padillas ES Gary Mims
Los Ranchos ES Barbara Sias
Lowell ES Donna V. Cisneros
MacArthur ES Barbara Sias
Madison MS Celia Setliff
Manzano HS Kiley Wiemeri
Manzano Mesa ES Dee Little
Marie Hughes ES Mary Ann Boggio
Mark Twain ES Dee Little
Mary Ann Binford ES Donna Kirby
Claudia Mustafa
Matheson Park ES Kiley Wiemeri
McCollum ES Debbie O'Rourke
McKinley MS Beth Lindsey
Mission Avenue ES Claudia Mustafa
Mitchell ES Celia Setliff
Monte Vista ES Donna Steege
Montezuma ES Donna Steege
Mountain View ES Gary Mims
Navajo ES Kaye Bates
New Futures Beth Lindsey
Nex+Gen Academy Beth Lindsey
North Star ES Deborah McCray
Onate ES Julie Furgison
Osuna ES Kiley Wiemeri
Painted Sky ES Melissa Graff
Pajarito ES Gary Mims
Petroglyph ES Lauren Calvin
Polk MS Gary Mims
Reginald Chavez ES Donna Steege
Rio Grande HS Dee Little
Roosevelt MS Julie Furgison
Rudolfo Anaya ES Jerry Goyer
S.R. Marmon ES Jerry Goyer
San Antonito ES Julie Furgison
Sandia Base ES Donna V. Cisneros
Sandia HS Susan Oppel
School on Wheels Gary Mims
Seven Bar ES Lauren Calvin
Sierra Vista ES Nancy Farrow
Sombra Del Monte ES Celia Setliff
Sunset View ES Nancy Farrow
S.Y. Jackson ES Celia Setliff
Taft  MS Nancy Farrow
Taylor MS Claudia Mustafa
Tierra Antigua ES Nancy Farrow
Tomasita ES Julie Furgison
Tony Hillerman Melissa Graff
TOPS Linda Gignac
Truman MS Kristina Moody
Valle Vista ES Kaye Bates
Kristina Moody
Valley Donna Kirby
Van Buren MS Irene Duran Sena
Ventana Ranch ES Melissa Graff
Volcano Vista HS Melissa Graff
Washington MS Kelly Blair
West Mesa HS Jerry Goyer
Wherry ES Irene Duran Sena
Whittier ES Irene Duran Sena
Wilson MS Irene Duran Sena
Zia ES Donna V. Cisneros
Zuni ES Celia Setliff
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