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Transfer Request Information

Tips and guidelines for requesting a school transfer

How it works

We can approve transfers only if a school has space and program availability for new students. Read below for transfer information, or use this link for a one page document which outlines Student Transfer Information (Información de Transferencia). If more people request spaces than are available, we will use a lottery-style random drawing to approve transfers and assign spaces at each particular school.

  • Transfers are not approved on a first-come, first-served basis. The random selection process we use is in compliance with state and federal regulations. The No Child Left Behind (NCLB) SINOI process is no longer used for priority consideration.  New Mexico now uses an A – F school grading system.
  • The process also factors in student needs (See Transfer Priorities below.)

Transfer request guidelines:

  • Who can make a transfer request? Transfer requests can be submitted by a parent, legal guardian, students at least 18 years old, or students that have been legally emancipated. Complete the Transfer Request Form or contact the Transfer Office at (505) 855-9050.

  • A separate application form must be completed for each child.

  • Students will only be approved for one transfer per year. This includes transfer Rollovers (renewals) as accepted by enrollment at the beginning of the school year.

  • It helps to apply early. Those who apply between January 1 and January 31will be included in the first random drawing for schools. The first drawing occurs before the end of the school year.

  • After the first drawing, we will hold additional random drawings later in the year as space becomes available at schools.
  • How will you be notified? You will be notified by e-mail. Parents may contact the Student Service Center (855-9040) to verify the transfer status if notification has not been received by June or if you do not have an e-mail address.
  • Families receiving approved transfers will have ten (10) business days to accept or decline the approved transfer.  If a family declines the approved transfer or doesn’t respond the request will be deleted and a new request will need to be completed.
  • Remember, students should attend their neighborhood school until their transfer request is approved.

Transfer Priorities

Here's how we prioritize requests to transfer schools.

  1. Students living within the established attendance boundaries for a school.
  2. Students who are enrolled at a school which has received an “F” rating for at least the two years in the last four years and are applying to attend a school with a higher rating.
  3. Students who have previously attended the school.
  4. Other enrollment preferences, including:
    • Students with siblings already attending the school requested and who will be attending simultaneously for the upcoming school year. Those students will be placed into the requested school when possible.
    • If space is still available placement will be granted to students who: have other siblings requesting the same school but none are currently attending the requested school; are children of an employee of the school being requested; or have at least one parent on active military duty.
    • Those placements are followed by students who have a specific reason such as child care needs, and other reasons.
  5. Transfer requests with no reason specified.
MOVING? Students who move during the school year may finish the school year at the school in their old neighborhood (if space is available). They will also have first priority to attend the designated school for their new address.

Note: If you request a transfer to stay in the school at the student's old address, you will be given third priority in processing their transfer request.

Waiting Lists

If a transfer request cannot be approved for any of the requested schools, the student's name will automatically be placed on a waiting list for that school year.

  • If space becomes available at a school, students on the waiting list will get transferred first.
  • If a transfer request is approved for any of the requested schools, all remaining requests will be withdrawn and the student's name will be removed from all waiting lists. If you only want your child to be considered for one particular school, please list that school in the 1st choice field and leave the other fields blank.

Note:Waiting lists do not carry over from one year to the next. You must complete a new application each year, even if it's the same request as last year.

Contact the Transfer Office at (505) 855-9050 to get information about school enrollment space and program availability.

Multiple Students

Transferring multiple students? A separate application form must be submitted for each student requesting a transfer to different schools. Please note that there is no guarantee that space will be available at the same school for all students when multiple schools are requested for multiple students.

If you are submitting requests for multiple students with the hope of placing them at the same school, list a single school on the Transfer Request Form to avoid having them placed in separate locations.

Approved Transfers

How will you be notified?You will receive notice by e-mail that your transfer has been approved or of waiting list status. Parents may contact the Student Service Center (855-9040) to verify the transfer status if notification has not been received by June or if you do not have an e-mail address.

Families receiving approved transfers will have ten (10) business days to accept or decline the approved transfer.  If a family declines the approved transfer or doesn’t respond the request will be deleted and a new request will need to be completed.

What's next? As soon as you receive a transfer approval, please contact your new school to find out when the student can complete the registration process. (Find a school)

The registration process for approved transfers varies depending on when you receive the approval notification:

  • Before Summer: Contact your new school to see if they want you to pre-register for the Fall semester.
  • During Summer: Try contacting the school and be sure to process your paperwork by the time of Fall registration. Note that you might not be able to reach anyone during summer break.
  • During the School Year: Contact your new school as soon as you receive the transfer approval. Watch out! If you wait too long to contact the school, you may lose your spot.

If the student is currently enrolled in an APS school, you will will need to get withdrawal papers from their current school. However, we encourage you to contact the transfer school to find what paperwork you need to bring with you. (Find a school)

Renewing Transfers

Students who have successfully transferred schools will usually be automatically re-enrolled each year at the transfer school. However, because transfer requests are granted on the basis of available programs and classroom size, automatic transfer re-enrollment is not guaranteed.

A new transfer request will need to be filled out if:

  • The transfer student has been promoted to the next school level (for example, from elementary to middle school) and wants to attend a school other than their neighborhood school.

  • The transfer student is dis-enrolled from their transfer school.

Schools receiving an “F” rating two of the last four school years.

Students who live in the attendance area of a school which has received an “F” rating for two of the last four school years can request a transfer and have second priority when requesting a transfer to a school with a higher rating.

In order to determine the classification of your designated or transfer school:

  1. Go to the New Mexico Public Education Department website.
  2. Find the link to School Grading.
  3. Scroll down to find the district listing of the Albuquerque Public Schools.
  4. Locate your school on the list, and follow the prompts.


Students transferring to a school outside their neighborhood school will not be able to ride an APS bus to school.

Athletics and Activities

Athletics: Some restrictions regarding athletics programs apply to newly transferred students. Questions concerning athletic eligibility can be addressed by contacting individual school athletic directors or by contacting the Athletic Department at (505) 884-9580.

Activities: Certain education activities are not offered at all schools. Enrollment in special education programs is determined by educational program availability, physical site capacity, and the ability to maintain specified class sizes.

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