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Truman Middle School

9400 Benavides Road SW
Albuquerque, NM 87121

Phone: (505) 836-3030
Fax: (505) 836-7745

Established: 1975
Enrollment: 1437
Location Code: 475

Contact Us

Person Title Phone Email
Judith Martin-Tafoya Principal (505) 836-3030 ext. 58107 [email protected]
M. Kathy Rodriguez Bookkeeper/Principal's Secretary (505) 836-3030 ext. 58106 [email protected]
Elizabeth Lopez Attendance Secretary (505) 836-3030 ext. 58100 [email protected]
Michele Torres Assistant Principal (505) 836-3030 ext. 58108 [email protected]
Rayetta Baty Assistant Principal (505) 836-3030 ext. 58165 [email protected]
Shelly Henderson Assistant Principal, Special Education (505) 836-3030 ext. 58105 [email protected]
Sonja Chlapowski Dean of Students (505) 836-3030 ext. 58109 [email protected]
Steve Williams Nurse (505) 836-3030 ext. 58119 [email protected]
Angela Reynolds Special Education (505) 836-3030 ext. 58110 [email protected]
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APS Hosts Community Conversation on Mid Schools
Join us Thursday, Sept. 25, to talk about the current state of mid school offerings and to identify potential opportunities for improvement.
iTZ About the Music
A day full of musical fun on Oct. 5 will benefit our Foundation.
Visit CDC Online for Information on Respiratory Illness
See your child’s school nurse if you have questions or concerns
APS Employee Goes from Homeless to Homeowner
The before/after school facilitator got a hand from Habitat for Humanity and co-workers.
Adobe Acres Celebrates New Kindergarten Wing
The school also got a new art/music room and renovated cafeteria.