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New Futures High School (School of Choice)

5400 Cutler, NE
Albuquerque, NM 87110

Phone: (505) 883-5680
Fax: (505) 880-3977

Enrollment: 192
Location Code: 549

Contact Us

Person Title Phone Email
Jinx Baskerville Principal (505) 883-5680 [email protected]
Diane Gonzales Secretary (505) 883-5680 ext. 38003 [email protected]
Karin Chanter Secretary (505) 883-5680 ext. 0 [email protected]
Jane Ripple Dean of Students (505) 883-5680 ext. 38004 [email protected]
Kathy Roybal-Nunez Day Care Director (505) 883-5680 ext. 38114 [email protected]
Barbara Fries Counselor (505) 883-5680 ext. 38103 [email protected]
Bonnie Sheehan Counselor (505) 883-5680 ext. 38101 [email protected]
Jerome Thomas Counselor (505) 883-5680 ext. 38105 [email protected]
Toni Berg School Nurse (505) 883-5680 ext. 38005 [email protected]
Maritza Lewellen Registrar (505) 883-5680 ext. 38002 [email protected]
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