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Grading Periods

APS schools use six-week, nine-week or trimester grading periods.

Looking for student grades?

Contact your school with any questions you might have, or to get copies of student grades.

2013-2014 Grading Periods

Traditional Calendar
September 23 End of 1st 6 Weeks
October 15 End of 1st 9 Weeks
November 5
End of 2nd 6 Weeks
End of 1st Trimester
December 20

End of 3rd 6 Weeks
End of 2nd 9 Weeks

February 20
End of 4th 6 Weeks
End of 2nd Trimester
March 12
End of 3rd 9 Weeks
April 3
End of 5th 6 Weeks
May 22

End of 6th 6 Weeks
End of 4th 9 Weeks

End of 3rd Trimester

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