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Data Analysis and Program Evaluation

Ranging from quick analyses to full-fledged program evaluations, SAPR is staffed with a number of professionals with experience in both quantitative and qualitative methods and designs.

Data Analysis

Numbers, percentages, proportions and rates are just a few of the data analyses SAPR team members perform on a daily basis to support the Albuquerque Public Schools Community. The complexity of these tasks can range from pulling together a list of current students by subject to tracking academic performance over time by multiple student groups. Examples of data analyses SAPR has provided include:

  • Percentage of students in grades 9-12 taking one or more Advanced Placement (AP) courses
  • Number of students enrolled in an Ethnic Studies course
  • Proportion of students identified as gifted by level of classroom integration and school
  • High School graduate vs. non-graduate examination by feeder school patterns
  • Percentage of students enrolled in the AVID program with one or more on-time graduation indicators
  • Title I funds distribution by funding model approach
  • Online curriculum usage by school level (i.e., elementary, middle and high school)

Program Research

This is where rigorous methods and careful study designs meet. Whether it requires a quantitative, qualitative or mixed methods design to answer the research question, the SAPR team is able to provide the Albuquerque Public Schools Community with high quality program research and evaluations.

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