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What We Do

Strategic Data Views
In order to support district, school and community partners, Strategic Analysis & Program Research (SAPR) provides both public and internal data visualizations using a range of tools including Versifit, Tableau and G Suite products.
Database Design and Technical Support
Online curriculum, assessments, visualizations and other tools are only as good as the data systems that support them. SAPR helps support multiple district initiatives and departments in both the design and support of these systems.
Data Analysis and Program Evaluation
Ranging from quick analyses to full-fledged program evaluations, SAPR is staffed with a number of professionals with experience in both quantitative and qualitative methods and designs.
Performance Management
All teachers and school principals fall under the New Mexico Public Education Department's evaluation system (currently NMTEACH). SAPR supports this process by managing the following data systems: Accuroster system, the principal evaluation system, MyLearingPlan, and the NMTEACH teacher survey and student survey systems.
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