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The APS School Police provide many services to ensure employee safety and to help keep buildings secure.

Polices Officers (City Center)

Need to contact the APS Police?
Call the APS School Police dispatch at (505) 243-7712, or (505) 238-4203.

Information for Employees

 Resources for Administrators

  •  School administrators use this contact list to keep a record of emergency contacts at each school site. Emergency Contact List: School administrators muct submit 4 school employees (only four) as contacts for an emergency.
  • The Facilities Access Authorization Form document will no longer be accepted by Police Dispatch. Starting on Monday June 12th please submit your employee’s names for authorized facilities access via the School Employee Facility Access website. The link to the School Employee Facility Access will be posted on the Police website along with instructions for access and entering employees’ names. School Employees Access List Instructions

  • We ask that site administrators keep their employees name updated.

    Please call Dispatch 243-7712 for your School Employee Facility Access passcode starting on Monday June 12th . Passcodes will not be emailed per district security policy.

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