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School Uninterrupted Thanks to M&O Efforts
Fire heavily damaged two school cafeterias recently, but APS workers made sure both were repaired in time for breakfast.
Going Up?
You’ll need patience, or you might want to take the stairs, while the elevators at City Centre are being rebuilt over the next several months.
Teacher Sees Collaborative Benefits of Technology
Steven Lamb, a second grade teacher at E.G. Ross Elementary, is a TIG/APS Education Foundation Innovation Award winner.
Cleveland MS Teacher Wins Barnes & Noble My Favorite Teacher Contest
English teacher Jennifer Ek has been named the local winner of the contest sponsored by the book store.
Throwback Thursday: Picture of the Week
April 24, 2014 -- 1969 Albuquerque Aerial View
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Preschool & Child Development

New Mexico Pre-K

NM PreK is a voluntary program for four year-olds.

Enrollment Requirements: A child must be four years of age prior to September 1 and live within the attendance zone of a Title I school. Contact the schools below or the Early Childhood Office to enroll.

A. Montoya Elementary
24 Public School Road
School contact: (505) 281-0880

Adobe Acres Elementary
1724 Camino Del Valle SW
School contact: (505) 877-4799

Armijo Elementary
1440 Gatewood Rd SW
School contact: (505) 877-2920

Barcelona Elementary
2311 Barcelona Rd SW
School contact: (505) 877-0400

Bel-Air Elementary
4725 Candelaria Rd NE
School contact: (505) 888-4033

Bellehaven Elementary
8701 Princess Jeanne St NE
School contact: (505) 298-7489

Emerson Elementary
620 Georgia St SE
School contact: (505) 255-9091

Eubank Elementary
9717 Indian School Rd NE
School contact: (505) 299-4483

Eugene Field Elementary
700 Edith Blvd NE
School contact: (505) 764-2014

Helen Cordero Primary School
8800 Eucariz NW
School contact: (505) 833-5830

Kit Carson Elementary
1921 Byron Ave SW
School contact: (505) 877-2724

Lavaland Elementary
501 57th St NW
School contact: (505) 836-4911

Los Padillas Elementary
2525 Los Padillas Rd SW
School contact: (505) 877-0108

Los Ranchos Elementary
7609 4th Street NW
School contact: (505) 898-0794

Navajo Elementary
2936 Hughes Rd SW
School contact: (505) 873-8512

Pajarito Elementary
2701 Don Felipe SW
School contact: (505) 877-9718

Sierra Vista Elementary
10220 Paseo Del Norte NW
School contact: (505) 898-0272

Valle Vista Elementary
1700 Mae Avenue SW
School contact: (505) 836-4211

High School Preschool Labs

APS high schools (except for Cibola and La Cueva) provide a preschool lab. The lab is run by the parenting and teaching classes in the high school's family consumer science departments.

Students and APS employees at each school are given enrollment priority in the preschool lab. Remaining openings are available to the public.

How to enroll? Contact your nearest high school for availability.

City of Albuquerque Child Development Centers

These services are offered by joint efforts of the City and APS. Learn more about The Division of Child and Family Development Services.

For more information, call (505) 855-9954

Developmental Preschool Program

This program offers services for children between the ages of 3 and 5 (prior to September 1) who have been identified as having a developmental delay or a disability. These services include individual therapy for speech and/or language as well as fine or gross motor delays.

Services are also available in 43 classrooms located in 35 schools.

Head Start (Youth Development, Inc.)

The YDI Head Start program is designed to help break the cycle of poverty by providing preschool children of low-income families with a comprehensive program to meet their emotional, social, health, nutritional, educational, and physical needs.

How to enroll? Contact YDI offices or the schools below.

3530 Gibson SE
Contact: (505) 255-2085

Mary Ann Binford
1400 Corriz SW
Contact: (505) 836-0276

Pedro Baca
1700 Centro Familiar SW
Contact: (505) 452-2214

La Promesa
5201 Central NW
Contact: (505) 268-3274

Reginald Chavez
2700 Mountain Rd
Contact: (505) 244-0330

South Valley
5816 Isleta Blvd SW
Contact: (505) 873-0905

Title I Office

Contact the Title I Office for more information about this program.

Even Start Family Literacy

Title I Even Start Family Literacy programs are available at various APS elementary schools.

Even Start is a federally-funded family literacy program for eligible parents and their children.

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