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Contact Information

Physical Address:
930B Oak Street SE Albuquerque, NM 87106 Map

Phone: (505) 830-6870
Fax: (505) 243-7885

Full staff listing

Contact Us

Person Title Phone
C. Lucas Gutierrez Director of Technology Client Services (505) 830-8070
Demetrius Brandon Manager of Networking (505) 830-8072
TBD Manager, IT Client Services (505) 830-8094
Les Lokey Manager of Enterprise Architecture (505) 830-8075
Tony Otero Manager of Enterprise Cabling Services (505) 830-6225
Yvonne Alcon Service Desk Supervisor (505) 830-8080
Chris Bergs Systems Administrator (Device Management) (505) 830-6862
Joe Damon Edge Technology Specialist (505) 848-8779
Adam Damore Exchange Administrator (505) 830-8058
John DeCesare Network Technician (505) 830-8041
Johnny Gallegos Operator (505) 830-6867
Clyde Geddie Telephone Technician (505) 878-6183
James Griego Operator (505) 830-6867
Aaron Hermanson Systems Administrator (Device Management) (505) 830-6881
Tabetha Lucero Service Desk Technician (505) 830-8080
Michelle Mora Service Desk Technician 505-830-8080
Loretta Otero Computer Support - Lead (505) 830-6866
Amalia Pacheco Service Desk Technician (505) 830-8080
Amy Palladino Core Administrator (505) 830-8063
Eric Parker Systems Administrator (505) 830-6851
Kathie Pickerel Data Communication Tech (505) 830-6880
Michael Reese Core Administrator (505) 855-9977
Bertha Rodriguez Data Entry - Lead (505) 830-6867
Robert Roemer Telephone Technician (505) 878-6101
Patsy Sena-Armijo Secretary (505) 830-6870
Kay Shaffer Service Desk Technician (505) 830-8080
Steve Torrez Network Technician (505) 830-6844
David Vetter Core Administrator (505) 830-8092
Juan Vigil Edge Systems Administrator (505) 830-6856
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