Posted: October 14, 2013

Three APS High Schools Top Classes at Band Competition

Eldorado, Sandia and Highland earn top ratings in Pageant of the Bands.

Eldorado, Sandia and Highland high school bands placed first in their respective classes, while Del Norte and Eldorado earned the People’s Choice Awards in their classes at the annual Pageant of the Bands competition Saturday at Wilson Stadium.

Eldorado was tops in the 5A class, while Sandia was tops in 3A and Highland tops in 2A. A total of 25 bands competed in the pageant.

Eldorado and Sandia also earned the “Outstanding Brass Section” award for their size bands, and Del Norte, Highland, Sandia and Eldorado received awards for “Outstanding Percussion.”

Also placing in the 34rd Annual New Mexico Pageant of the Bands were: La Cueva, 2nd place among Class 5A large bands; Volcano Vista, 2nd place among 4A bands; Cibola 3rd place among 4A bands; Albuquerque High, 3rd place among 3A bands; and Del Norte placed 2nd among 1A bands.

Here are results from the competition posted to the New Mexico Pageant of Bands Facebook page:

Class 5A
1st Eldorado
2nd La Cueva
3rd Rio Rancho

Class 4A
1st Cleveland
2nd Volcano Vista
3rd Cibola

Class 3A
1st Sandia
2nd Valencia
3rd Albuquerque

Class 2A
1st Highland
2nd Santa Fe
3rd West Mesa

Class 1A
1st Aztec
2nd Del Norte
3rd Ruidoso

People's Choice Awards
1A Del Norte
2A Santa Fe
3A Los Lunas
4A Los Alamos
5A Eldorado

Outstanding Brass Section
1A Aztec
2A Santa Fe
3A Sandia
4A Cleveland
5A Eldorado

Outstanding Percussion
1A Del Norte
2A Highland
3A Sandia
4A Cleveland
5A Eldorado

Outstanding Auxiliary
1A Ruidoso
2A West Mesa
3A Valencia
4A Volcano Vista
5A Rio Rancho

Outstanding Drum Majors
1A Del Norte
2A Valley
3A Valencia
4A Cleveland
5A Rio Rancho

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