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Posted March 26, 2013

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The Force, Mass and Acceleration are with Taylor Middle School

NASA, Honeywell bring Newton’s laws to life in elaborate production.

Taylor students attempt to release a tank full of applesauce on assistant principal Sandra Patterson (above). FMA performers made sure the applesauce fell (below).

Taylor Middle School students were treated to a musical way to learn science this week, when the touring production about Sir Isaac Newton’s laws of motion stopped by the school this week.

“FMA Live—Inspiring the next generation!” was shown at two assemblies to demonstrate real examples of how physical forces work. Named for Newton’s 2nd law (Force = mass x acceleration), the awarding-winning show is sponsored by NASA and Honeywell, which has a local facility near Taylor. This is the second time Taylor has been selected to host the show, and was the only school in New Mexico to see it during this tour.

Performers used student-volunteers in their demonstrations. In one example, a student and a PE teacher were asked to kick three soccer balls of varying sizes toward a goal. As the balls increased in size, it required more acceleration of their legs in order to exert force on them. The largest ball, which stood more than six feet tall, would hardly budge.

For the grand finale, students used a slingshot to shoot balls at a dunk tank-like target. The payoff was that a door in an overhead tank opened, dropping applesauce on principal Mike Bateson and assistant principal Sandra Patterson, who were good sports about it.

The production also came to Taylor in 2010.

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