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Posted March 7, 2018

Thank an EA Today

This week we recognize our many Educational Assistants.

What do all schools in APS have in common? They all have educational assistants who help teachers teach and students learn.

APS has nearly 1,800 EAs who go above and beyond the job description. Educational Assistant Day is Wednesday, March 7, so please take some time this week to let them know how much you appreciate all they do.

About 80 percent of the EAs in APS work in special education classrooms. The other 20 percent work in kindergarten classrooms, nurse’s offices, libraries and campus security.

In addition to their regular duties on site, EAs frequently fill in where needed at their schools.

Superintendent Raquel Reedy expressed her gratitude for the district's dedicated EAs. “Educational Assistants play a crucial role in the education of our students and we appreciate all they do," she said. "Many of these individuals work with some of the most challenging students in APS. They help students of all ages, levels, and learning abilities. They are a vital resource for our educational system and we applaud their dedication."

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