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Posted December 12, 2017

Statement Regarding Moment of Silence

During last weekend’s Metro Spirit Championships, we received a last-minute request for a moment of silence to honor the school shooting victims in Aztec, New Mexico.

Moments of silence at the beginning of school-sponsored athletic events have proven to be controversial in years past, so it has been our practice to carefully review each request. Because this request was made just minutes before the start of the competition and a script wasn’t prepared, we didn’t have time to properly review it and it was denied.

In hindsight, we should have taken a moment to honor these two young victims. As a neighboring public school district, our hearts hurt for the friends and families of Casey Marquez and Francisco Fernandez as well as the entire Aztec community. They have been in our thoughts and prayers, and we have reached out to offer assistance in any way we can including by sending APS crisis counselors to Aztec High School.

The decision not to hold a moment of silence at the beginning of the spirit competition came across as insensitive, but it doesn’t reflect how we are feeling. It was a mistake and for that, we apologize.