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Posted October 1, 2013

Nex+Gen Students Take Deep Look at Democracy

Students host town hall forum with invited community members including City Councilor Trudy Jones to talk about "what brings democracy and what democracy brings."

Albuquerque Publics Schools nex+Gen Academy held a town hall forum Monday to discuss democracy.

Members of the community including former APS principals, teachers, community members, APS administrators and City Councilor Trudy Jones participated in the event.

Nex+Gen teacher Michelle Thompson-Lloyd’s junior class put on the event focused on trying to define democracy by examining emerging and current models so that students can understand "What brings democracy and what democracy brings."

“These students are so bright and so committed to their education,” said Councilor Jones. “It is truly a pleasure to be able to sit and talk with them about democracy. I leave here knowing that our future leaders are getting a solid education.”

Participants were asked to answer questions about their view of democracy, how democracy has evolved in their lives and what the future of democracy is. The conversation was especially insightful for students and community members during this tumultuous time in our federal government.

“The research that the students have done on the topic is impressive,” said APS Chief of Staff Joseph Escobedo. “They have a deep understanding of democracy and will come away with knowledge about how to make it work for their generation.”

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