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Posted March 19, 2013

Mom Returns Home from Afghanistan in Time for Spring Break

Daughter gets a surprise visit in class at LBJ Middle School.

Sgt. Rebecca Ramirez (left) returned from Afghanistan to surprise her daughter Jasmine Keller at LBJ Mid-School.

Jasmine Keller got the best possible surprise just before spring break. Her mother came home from a tour in Afghanistan.

U.S. Army Sgt. Rebecca Ramirez surprised her daughter by landing in Albuquerque, heading straight to LBJ Middle School and walking into Jasmine’s science class. It caught the whole class off guard, but they recovered and applauded, thanking Ramirez for her service to the country.

Ramirez, who works with the Military Police, hadn’t seen her daughter in about nine months.

“She’s grown,” Ramirez said of Jasmine, a seventh-grader.

This isn’t the first time mother and daughter have spent time apart. A veteran of nearly 20 years in the military, Ramirez also served a tour in Iraq in 2007-08.

“She surprised me like this last time, too (when she came home),” Jasmine said.

The two have been able to stay in contact through email, but there’s clearly no substitute for being together.

“I’ve looked forward to getting back with her,” Ramirez said. “We have a lot of catching up to do.”