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Posted January 12, 2018

APS Honors Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Read what APS recipients of MLK scholarships have to say about the revered leader of the Civil Rights Movement.

These Albuquerque Public Schools students are recipients of $1,000 MLK scholarships sponsored by The Martin Luther King, Jr. Multicultural Council. They will be honored during the annual Martin Luther King Jr. celebration on Monday, Jan. 15.

Elexus Connor, Highland High School
"Dr. King made me question the present-day world because he fought with such elegance and showed that vengeance and rage was never the solution."

Sophie Toth, College and Career High School
"Dr. King showed me how to use the power of spoken word to ignite the courage in myself and others to walk this world with conviction, grace, and to spread justice and love."

Daisy Borunda, West Mesa High School
"You should always feel positive and make others feel positive as well, by treating them the same way as you yourself would wish to be treated."

Cheyenne Nelson, Manzano High School
"Dr. King taught me to fight for the right thing, even if no one believes in you. He showed me that giving up is not an option, even when I really want to. He shows there will always be challenges, and obstacles in my way, but I will overcome them, eventually."

Julio Chavez, Rio Grande High School
"Dr. King served as a role model to me. He brought change to lives of millions of Americans. Without his fight for change, I’m certain my very own life would be dramatically different!"

Byamungu Fazili, Del Norte High School
"When I start to think about the effect of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the difficulties he had, I see the importance of the work he did, because today America is a country of all people. That is why I am here also, and now we have freedom and a voice to speak."

Samuel Cochran, Del Norte High School
"Dr. King has inspired me as a Christian, and as a citizen, to try to be as good and compassionate a person as I can be and to stand up for what is right."

Makenna Madeley, La Cueva High School
"It is so important that racism and discrimination of all kinds are eliminated, and every individual feels safe, secure, welcomed, and loved by everyone. I will continue to do all that I can to make this vision of mine a reality."

Ashley Cooper, New Futures High School
"There are so many more things I think, that Dr. King would have done as a parent, a role model, and leader of people. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s legacy will continue through time and history."

Luis Garcia, Albuquerque High School
"Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. fought against discrimination and promoted equality. Today people seek Dr. King’s bravery to fight for equality and to get a better education for a better future."

Karen Rosales, Rio Grande High School
"I’m proud of myself for always trying to become a better person and to try to help others end inequality and start accepting equality."

Jamie Vargas, Valley High School
"Dr. King has shown me that change is not something that comes right away, but that one must push change and make sacrifices to achieve one’s goals."

Mary Arnhart, Volcano Vista High School
"Dr. King reminds us that our schools must serve all students equally so that our community may prosper as a whole. Likewise, the diversity of our student body should be celebrated, not vilified."

Lily Wickstrom, Eldorado High School
"During his lifetime, Dr. King made great strides in American civil rights and developed a worldwide model of peaceful protest; his actions have inspired me to live a life of political activism."

Vicente Vargas, Valley High School
"We live in a time where racial tensions are peaking and division sits in America like a welcomed guest. But with every night, there is a dawn and a morning reckoning. To change a culture you must be patient, for years of hatred are not easily reversed."

Barbara Mares, New Futures High School
"In today’s world segregation is still present, but is shown through other ways, not just the color of a person’s skin. Dr. King has helped increase the number of people that stand for hope and has decreased those who support hate and discrimination."

Marian Alanis, Manzano High School
"We can’t look back. We need to focus on the present, and the future no matter how hard your path seems. Keep walking forward, keep reaching for that dream, because when you’re ready to give up you’re closer than you imagined!"

Arturo Vazquez, Atrisco Heritage Academy
"I will forever be inspired by Dr. King, because he is a symbol of hope and prosperity to me and many other people."

Alondra Ramos, Albuquerque High School
"I greatly admire Dr. King’s power and voice, which continues to help make this country more united, even after his death. Yet, there is still work to do, and I hope to be a part of achieving Dr. King’s dream."

Perla Guzman, Atrisco Heritage Academy
"Dr. King was an essential leader, who sparked the beginning of the fight for equality. It is our turn to continue the path and be the change we so desperately need!"

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