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Posted August 9, 2017

Local Businesses Donate 300,000 School Supplies

The Corporate Volunteer Council of New Mexico "stuffed the bus" with supplies for students in need for the 15th year.

If you're like most of us, you have probably shown up to a meeting or two unprepared. Maybe you forgot to bring something to write with, or something to write on.

You hate to borrow, but you need these tools to do your job. Still, it’s uncomfortable, embarrassing. Or maybe worse.

You might worry what others think of you. You might wonder how this will impact your relationship with your peers, what your boss might think of you. Will they see you has incompetent? Unreliable? Will they wonder if you really are serious about learning and doing a good job?

Now imagine you are a second grader who shows up to class without a pencil.

A seventh grader without paper.

A sophomore without a notebook.

And suppose the reason you came unprepared to class wasn’t because you forgot or got distracted, but because you couldn’t afford the tools you need to learn, the tools that allow you to do your job.

Sadly, that’s not a rare scenario in classrooms across Albuquerque Public Schools.

Two out of three of our students come from families struggling to make ends meet. And this time of year can be especially challenging as these families get their children ready to go back to school.

That’s why we are so appreciate of the Corporate Volunteer Council of New Mexico.

The generous employees of more than a dozen member organizations have donated school supplies that will help thousands of our students this school year.

They do this with generous hearts and kind spirits, and we can’t thank them enough.

This has been a longstanding tradition in Albuquerque, one that brings our community together for the good of our children.And that certainly is worth celebrating!

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