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Posted May 15, 2018

Hundreds of APS Students Earn Bilingual Seals

Congratulations to the 242 recent graduates who received seals on their diplomas and to the 167 elementary and middle school students who completed the program at their schools.

In recognition of the importance of bilingualism and biliteracy, Albuquerque Public Schools has developed a clear bilingual seal pathway in which students have the opportunity to acquire a district seal and a State of New Mexico Bilingualism and Biliteracy Seal in Spanish, Native American languages (Navajo and Zuni), and foreign languages (French and German) on their high school diploma.

The Class of 2018 had 242 students earn at least one but in some cases two bilingual seals for a total of 418 seals that appear on their high school diplomas.

In addition, 167 fifth graders and eighth graders earned bilingual seals by completing the program at their schools this school year. 

In all, 585 bilingual seals were earned in 2018. That's nearly double from last year and nearly triple from the year before.


The Spanish Bilingual Seal and Seal of Distinction honors a student’s proficiency and skills in two languages. As a district, we will encourage students to pursue a rigorous coursework that provides an opportunity for students to maintain, develop, and advance in English and Spanish. The completion of the specified units of credit and the portfolio will serve as evidence of their skills for future college, career, and personal opportunities as well as provide an opportunity for each school to evaluate a student holistically.

Emphasis of Seal Program:

  • Encourage the study of language
  • Identify graduates with language and biliteracy skills
  • Prepare students for twenty-first-century skills
  • Recognize and value the native and foreign language instruction in our schools
  • Affirm the value of diversity in a multicultural and multilingual society

APS Bilingual Seal Program Sees Drastic Increase: 

  • Number of High School Bilingual Seals in 2018: 418
  • Elementary & Middle School Bilingual Seals in 2018: 167
  • Total Bilingual Seals K-12 in 2018: 585
  • Total Increase of 306 Seals from SY16-17
  • Total Increase of 231 participants from SY 16-17


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