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Posted September 12, 2017

Helping Hurricane Victims

Schools across the district have stepped up to raise money and gather supplies for the victims of Hurricane Harvey and now Hurricane Irma.

Students at Coronado ES and Volcano Vista HS

The images coming out of Houston, East Texas and Florida are heartbreaking as two hurricanes ravaged the United States in the past couple of weeks.

APS students and staff want to help. And so they are raising awareness, gathering supplies, holding fundraisers and more.

Scroll through @ABQschools on Twitter for a glimpse of some of the good our schools have been doing on behalf of those in need.

Take our high schools, for instance. Valley is holding a hurricane fundraiser in conjunction with its homecoming spirit days each day this week. Volcano Vista sold paper Hawks, raising more than $2,500. Eldorado challenged New Mexico high schools to join them in sending 20 school shirts to the University of Houston for high school and college students. Highland collected water, flashlights, kids games, blankets and more. Roberta Fotter, the librarrian at Cibola who lived through Katrina, worked with students to collect supplies and backpacks (watch the Channel 13 story). Nex+Gen students are working on a plan to collect gift cards for hurricane victims. The Career Enrichment Center created fundraising drives through the Red Cross, Houston Food Bank, Texas Diaper Bank and more, and also created presntations on how you can help, presnting them to multiple classes.

Middle schoolers also got involved, like those at Washington Middle School who held a bottled water drive.

And our youngest students have big hearts. too, like those at Coronado Elementary who raised nearly $200 for the American Red Cross. 

So many schools, too many to mention, reached when others were in need. And the giving continues.

Thank you to the students, families and staff of Albuquerque Public Schools for caring!

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