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Posted January 27, 2015

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Garfield, Hayes Transformed into STEM Academies

Middle school students have two more choices for the 2015-16 school year.

Opening in Fall 2015 are two transformed mid-schools that will make you forget everything you thought you knew about teaching and learning. These schools, Garfield in the North Valley and Hayes in the middle of town, will take a whole new approach to education. They'll be combining Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (nicknamed STEM) with minds-on/hands-on learning, real-world problem solving, team work and community involvement. 

And at Hayes, students will be doing all of this in both English and Spanish!

Simply stated, STEM is the future. In this technological age in which our children live, STEM careers are their best options and key to wise decisions. A recent study found that of the 10 most wanted employees in the United States, eight had degrees in the science, technology, engineering or math fields.

Why Dual Language?
Being able to communicate in two languages is a tremendous life skill that will help students in their future careers and life. Dual Language is offered at many APS elementary schools including Coronado, Dolores Gonzales and Longfellow, but there aren't many schools for our sixth, seventh and eight graders to continue learning in both English and Spanish. Now they can continue their learning and transition into high school dual language programs where they can graduate with a Bilingual Seal on their diploma.


So what will classes look like next year at Garfield and Hayes?

  • Students working together to solve problems (just like people do in the real world!)
  • Students engaged in hands-on projects like robot building
  • Students learning skills that will help them succeed in high school, college and careers
  • Students being a part of a community. 

And much more!

Get more information on our many school choices as APS helps you find the right fit.

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