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Posted February 18, 2014

From Nightwolves to Suncats

College & Career High School, the district's newest high school located on the CNM campus, now has a mascot.

Albuquerque Public Schools College & Career High School now has a mascot, the Nightwolf, a play on the Suncat, the mascot for Central New Mexico Community College. CCHS is located on the CNM campus and students spend half of their day taking college classes.

The mascot is still being designed.

The announcement of the new mascot came Tuesday, Feb. 18, at the the school’s business advisory council meeting.

“We are pleased to announce that after much debate and deliberation, our students chose a mascot, the Nightwolf,” said Principal Liz Abeyta. “We hope that it is a friendly wolf just like the CNM Suncat.”

The school staff and students told the business advisory council that they are on track to having all of the sophomore class earn a high school diploma along with an associate's degree or career certification by the end of their senior year.

The school has 69 students, nine of whom are graduating in May. So far, the students have taken more than a combined 1,000 college credit courses and have a average GPA of 3.16, which is higher than the average GPA of all CNM students.

“The choice we are offering by having this school is tremendous,” said APS Superintendent Winston Brooks.  “Every time I come to these meetings I hear the great work that is going on, and that we are serving such a unique and diverse population and that is what choice is all about.”

Learn more about College & Career High School during an open house from 4:30-6:30 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 19, in the school's auditorium. CCHS is located in S building on the CNM main campus near the corner of Coal Ave. and Buena Vista SE (map). Parking in the central lot is free during the event.