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Posted October 22, 2013

Four Siblings March in Manzano High Band

Manzano and 10 other APS bands will perform at the Zia Band Festival Saturday.

Lukas, Demitri, Nikolai and Katarina Rasinski

The Zia Marching Band Fiesta will be held Oct. 26 at University Stadium.

It’s 6:30 a.m. and the sounds of trumpets, drums, clarinets and other band instruments can be heard coming from the parking lot on the east side of Wilson Stadium adjacent to Manzano High School. Students from Manzano, like at most high schools across Albuquerque, are practicing in their zero hour marching band class.

What’s unique about Manzano’s band is that four siblings from the Rasinski family are marching this morning and most other mornings. For the four – senior Lukas, sophomores tenor saxophonist Demitri and trumpeter Nikolai (twins) and freshman trombonist Katarina—this is probably the first and only year they will get the chance to all be members of the same marching band.

“It’s cool to all be in the same band at school,” Lukas said, who plays the snare drum. “There are a couple of other sibling pairs in the band, but we four siblings are the most.”

The three brothers also play in the Manzano jazz band and all four are members of their family marimba band that includes dad Michael, an APS special education teacher, and mom Gina, a music resource teacher with the APS Fine Arts Department.

Katarina, who plays the trombone, said her favorite part about being a member of the Manzano band is the chance to interact with other musicians. “Meeting people who have the same interest is really cool,” she said.

The Rasinskis will get that chance again as they participate in the University of New Mexico Zia Marching Band Fiesta Saturday at University Stadium. The Fiesta will include bands from 10 other APS high schools, around the state and some from surrounding states.