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Posted March 5, 2013

EAs Recognized for All They Do

Nearly 2,000 EAs are celebrated on Educational Assistants Day Wednesday, March 6.

Albuquerque Public Schools will celebrate Educational Assistants Day on Wednesday, March 6, taking a moment to thank its nearly 2,000 EAs for all they do for students, teachers, schools and families.

EAs play a role in all aspects of education, from the classroom to the library to the nurse’s office to the community.

About 80 percent of EAs work in special education, often assisting students with special needs. The other 20 percent of EAs work in kindergarten classrooms, nurse’s offices, libraries, campus security and in the community.

“Educational  Assistants play a crucial role in the education our students, and we appreciate all they do,” said APS Superintendent Winston Brooks. “Whether it’s helping in the classroom, assisting special needs students or lending a hand in the library or nurse’s office, our EAs make a difference in our schools, and for that we say thank you.”

EAs are in every APS school, helping students of all ages, levels and learning abilities. Many EAs work with students with severe mental and physical disabilities, making their job both critical and challenging.

“We work with some of the most difficult students in APS. It can be intense. Our EAs are jacks and queens of all trades,” said Kathy Chavez, president of the Albuquerque Educational Assistants Association.

“I was an EA for 17 years and I know how valuable they are. I know what they do. I know how often they go above and beyond. There is real value in what EAs do every single day.”

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