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Posted September 2, 2014

City Donates 500 Bus Passes to New Futures Students

Daily passes can be used by students before, after school

The City of Albuquerque Economic Development Department and Mayor R. J. Berry announced Tuesday that the city had donated 500 daily bus passes to Albuquerque Public Schools New Futures students.

New Futures serves about 200 middle and high school-age young adults who are pregnant or caring for youngsters. The school is open to both young women and men.

“New Futures has a health clinic that provides care to both parents and their children both during the school day and after school from 3 to 5 p.m. Transportation was identified as an obstacle to accessing the clinic, which is why New Futures initiated the partnership with the city,” said APS Interim Supt. Brad Winter. “It is just one of many partnerships the city has with the school district.”

Berry said that one of the goals of his administration has been to create an environment that is responsive and fosters the development of the city’s future workforce.

“High school graduation is a major factor in overall workface readiness and we must work to remove any obstacles that may hinder the pursuit of high school diplomas,” Berry said. “We are happy to help out the students of New Futures with the donation of these bus passes and to remove a barrier for them.”

Both Berry and Winter said they were open to exploring new partnerships in the future to help students.


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