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Posted September 30, 2014

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Children’s Store for Pregnant & Parenting Students

Dime Time, the student-run store located inside the renovated New Futures High School, sells very inexpensive baby and toddler clothing, accessories and furniture.

Dime Time is taking donations of infant and toddler clothing, shoes, blankets, furniture, accessories and more. To donate, call the school at (505) 883-5680.

Shirts for a quarter. Jackets for 75 cents. A $15 car seat.

You can’t beat bargains like that as the students at New Futures High School know. And now they can conveniently shop for their infants and toddlers at the Dime Time Store's new location inside their renovated school.

The store sells gently used clothes, blankets, shoes and accessories for babies and young children to New Futures students and their parents/guardians. Principal Jinx Baskerville helped open the store in a classroom a decade ago when she was still a teacher.

The store was moved to a shed outside the building, then another and still another over the years before getting retails space inside the renovated school which also got a new cafeteria, small commons area and updated electrical, parking and landscaping. 

Making Dime Time a part of the $4 million renovation was important to students and staff because the store not only provides great deals for students, but also is a service learning classroom where students learn about merchandising, sales, public relations, customer service and more. In addition to school credit, the store managers get a small salary.

Dime Time

The clothing and accessories are donated by the community. Students clean and sort the items, price them, put them on display and ultimately sell them to their classmates. Toys that are donated are set aside for the holidays and given to children as gifts.

Most of the money raised by the store goes right back into running it. However, a portion of the proceeds goes to its sister school in Kalonga, Uganda.

Dime Time is taking donations of infant and toddler clothing, shoes, blankets, furniture, accessories and more. Right now, they are in need of Halloween costumes and winter clothing. To donate, call the school at (505) 883-5680.

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