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Posted October 24, 2013

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APS Working on Getting More Grants for Student Support

The district has applied for grants that will help improve middle schools and support its new dual-credit high school.

The APS Grants Office has submitted 18 grant requests for $51 million in the past year, receiving more than $764,000 in funding so far, Grant Writer and Manager Michele Tigelaar told a Board of Education committee this week.

Among the grants the district has applied for is the $25 million federal Race to the Top grant that would be used to improve teaching and learning in middle schools by equipping teachers with instructional technologies and professional development. All 27 APS middle schools with more than 19,000 students and 1,300 teachers would benefit. APS submitted the application earlier this month and expects to learn whether it has been awarded the grant in December.

“We are committed to submitting grants on a scale that will help us increase student achievement at all levels,” said Superintendent Winston Brooks.  “I’m excited about the grants we have applied for including our Race to the Top grant that will focus on middle school students and creating personalized learning environments.”

Tigelaar said the grant will also help pilot one-to-one devices for students to support anytime, anywhere learning. “We are taking this grant and writing a strategic plan for implementation to increase our attention on middle schools with or without the grant," she said.

Additionally the district has submitted a grant application to the New Mexico Public Education Department to support the College and Career High School. This grant was revised and resubmitted after an APS application was denied during the first round of funding earlier in the year.

The district has received funding from Atlantic Philanthropies to increase the number of students and families enrolled in public health insurance and to support the sustainability of school based health centers.

In addition, the district received funding to increase the number of nationally certified teachers. The National Board of Professional Teaching Standards received funding from the U.S. Department of Education to increase the number of certified teachers, and APS is one of five sites selected for the program. APS had the fifth largest pool of new National Board Certified Teachers in 2012.

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