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Posted October 7, 2014

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APS Students Participate in #Soctober

S.Y. Jackson third graders challenge district to donate socks.

Brad Harberts' third grade class at S.Y. Jackson Elementary recently watched a YouTube video from "Kid President" -- and immediately decided to take Kid President up on his challenge.

Harberts' class of 24 third graders has set their goal to donate 100 pairs of sock before Oct. 31 to the APS Clothing Bank. 

In researching Soctober, and the benefits of creating a neighborhood sock drive, Harberts' class discovered there are approximately 6,000 homeless students living in the Albuquerque area who could be directly impacted by this sock drive.

Learning this powerful fact, Harberts' class chose the APS Clothing Bank to receive their thoughtful donations.

But, these third graders aren't just stopping with their class, they were so inspired by Kid President's challenge, that they have issued a challenge to the entire APS district to do the same. They are asking every class in the district to also try to collect donations of 100 pairs of new socks to donate to the APS Clothing Bank before Oct. 31.

Kid President, a.k.a. Robby Novak, created a YouTube video challenging kids like him to help provide new socks for the more than 600,000 Americans who are currently homeless.

Here's how Kid President recommends that students participate in #Socktober:

  1. Start a neighborhood sock drive,
  2. Get friends involved,
  3. Spread the word,
  4. Donate the socks,
  5. Share your story on social media using the hashtag #Soctober!

Watch their video - and spread the word!

Thank you Mr. Harberts' third-grade class at S. Y. Jackson Elemtary School for issuing this challenge! We can't wait to see what the other students from around the district can do.

Happy Soctober everyone!

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