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Posted November 26, 2013

APS Graduate Recognized As 2014 Rhodes Scholar

Albuquerque HS graduate from the class of 2010 was recently recognized as one of only thirty-two Rhodes Scholars from across the nation.

At APS, we are proud of our graduates and the success they carry with them. This year, we are proud to recognize 2010 Albuquerque HS graduate Erin A. T. Mauldin for her outstanding accomplishment of becoming one of just thirty-two 2014 Rhodes Scholars throughout the US.

“For Erin to be a Rhodes Scholar, is an honor not only for her and the Mauldin family, it is also an honor for Albuquerque High School and the community," said her former principal at Albuquerque High School, Tim McCorkle.

Erin is a senior at the United States Military Academy, where she majors in international history. A Truman Scholar, she ranks first academically in her class and second in academics, military leadership and athletics combined. She serves as regimental commander, competes on the Sandhurst (military skills) team, is co-captain of the Academy crossfit club and is the only non-French woman ever to graduate from the French Commando School. Erin also volunteers to provide support to local students near West Point. As a result of her efforts and environmental interests, the Corps of Cadets implemented a new waste management system. She also helped to develop a biogas digester project in Uganda. Erin plans to do the M.Sc. in nature, science and environmental policy at Oxford.

The Rhodes Scholarship, named after Cecil John Rhodes, is an international postgraduate award for selected foreign students to study at the University of Oxford. It was the first large-scale programme of international scholarships, and is widely considered the "world's most prestigious scholarship" by many public sources such as Time, Yale University Press, The McGill Reporter, and Associated Press.

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