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Posted December 12, 2013

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APS Expecting Good News from Wednesday's Release of National Test Scores

We're predicting we won't be anywhere near the bottom when rankings are released comparing students in nearly two dozen urban school districts.

Though public perception is that APS students don't do as well as those in other school districts, we expect the results of a national standardized test to prove differently.

We have good reason to feel confident. Results from the same reading and math test a couple of years ago put Albuquerque Public Schools in the middle of the pack of nearly two dozen urban school districts. We've stepped up efforts to help our students succeed, which has us believing this year's results will be even better. We'll let you know for sure Wednesday, Dec. 18, when the results of the Trial Urban District Assessment (TUDA) are officially released.

What is TUDA? It's an extension of the National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP) which is given to a sampling of fourth and eighth graders every two years. In 21 large school districts, including APS, these students also take TUDA which is designed to get a more accurate comparison of students in districts across the nation facing similar educational challenges.

It’s an apples-to-apples thing – comparing APS to San Diego, Fresno and Dallas makes more sense than comparing APS to Mora, Hondo or Santa Fe. APS is the only school district in New Mexico that takes the TUDA.

The last time TUDA results were released, APS scores were comparable with those in other urban school districts.

In 2011, APS fourth graders on average scored better in math than their peers in large urban school districts. Average reading scores for fourth graders and average scores in both math and reading for eighth graders were about the same as those in other big cities.

We're expecting even better results this week. Stay tuned.

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