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Posted August 7, 2014, School Websites Redesigned

News, events & notices can be viewed on most mobile devices.

We are excited to announce the newly redesigned APS website featuring up-to-date news and events; links for parents & students, employees and members of the community; Google Translate; more photographs, graphics and videos; and easy-to-access social media connections. And the good news is all of this is now viewable on most mobile devices!

The APS website also is connected to our downloadable app that allows you to access the latest news, events and emergency notices. 

In addition to redesigning, we've updated all 140 of our school websites using a system called School Loop that provides high levels of support for our schools.

The pleasing school websites feature both school and district news, events and alerts. Like, they offer Google Translate and are connected with our mobile app to deliver school-specific news, events and activities.

If you have any questions or concerns about or a school website, please email the APS Web Team.