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Posted September 17, 2013

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APS Campuses Affected by Rains, Run-off

Maintenance crews pump water and remove mud from playgrounds, and a wing at the Montgomery Complex has been boarded up due to water damage.

Playground flooding at Petroglyph ES

Although most Albuquerque Public School buildings were spared damage from heavy rains last week, a number of school campuses had their grounds flooded and maintenance crews are still working to remove standing water and mud.

Petroglyph, Chamiza, Painted Sky, E.G. Ross, Adobe Acres and Navajo elementaries saw some damage from the recent storms as did La Cueva High, Milne Stadium and the Montgomery Complex, which serves as a teacher training center.

Petroglyph Elementary’s playground had about two feet of standing water that had to be pumped out. John Dufay, director of maintenance and operations for APS, said crews were working to preserve the wood chips on the Petroglyph grounds. “If we have to replace the wood chips, it becomes quite a lot more expensive, maybe as much as $23,000,” Dufay said.

Two other schools on the West Side, Chamiza and Painted Sky, also had to have work done as a result of the rains. Water and mud were removed from around Chamiza, while utility lines had to be covered up again after erosion at Painted Sky.

Erosion caused by run-off was also a problem at La Cueva High School, E.G. Ross Elementary and Milne Stadium.

Crews were still working to remove water and mud from around Adobe Acres Elementary in the South Valley. Dufay said that part of that problem at that school was that the drainage pond near the school was full. “So, we had to find some other place to put the water that is pumped out,” he said.

Navajo Elementary, which is also in the South Valley, had its bus lane flooded.

The aging east/west wing of Montgomery Complex, built 57-years ago as an elementary school, was damaged beyond repair, so it will be boarded up and no longer used. The north/south wing will still be used for teacher training until the entire building can be updated. The recent rains contributed to a leaky roof, water seepage and other problems.

Montgomery Complex is used to provide required district, state and federal teacher training on such topics as the Common Core State Standards, PARQ and other state mandated tests, AVID and the new teacher evaluation system. It's also used for meetings, IT training, classroom support and more.

The APS Capital Master Plan recommends that the building be updated or replaced as soon as funding is available. In the meantime, part of the old school will be used as long as health and safety isn't compromised.

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