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Posted: June 29, 2018


All APS Employees to Get at Least 2.5% Raise

The increase goes into effect July 1.

All Albuquerque Public Schools employees, including teachers and support staff, are expected to get at least a 2.5 percent raise effective July 1, the beginning of the 2019 fiscal year

While the state Legislature provided funding for an average pay increase of 2.5 percent for teachers and 2 percent for all other public education employees, it recommended that districts come up with the money to provide the higher increase for everyone.    

APS met that challenge and will increase salaries across the board by at least 2.5 percent subject to union negotiations.

“Most bargaining units have agreed on increases independently, and an announcement will be made when those have been made official,” Tami Coleman, APS Chief Financial Officer, and Todd Torgerson, Chief of Human Resources, said in a joint statement.

In addition, the minimum salary for teachers is expected to increase by $2,000 per level – to $36,000 for new/Level 1 teachers, $44,000 for Level 2 teachers and $54,000 for Level 3 teachers.

The state Public Education Department received the district’s $1.35 billion budget earlier this month. About 90 percent of the $694 million APS operational budget goes to salaries and benefits for about 12,000 full-time and 3,000 contract employees.

The last time most APS employees got a raise was in 2013 when salaries went up by 1 percent. That increase, however, was offset by a simultaneous state-mandated increase in employee retirement contributions.  

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