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Posted November 4, 2014

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AHS Football Coach Gets a Nod in Sports Illustrated

Cancer survivor Curtis Flakes leads the Bulldogs to a much needed victory.

Whether you're an Albuquerque High football fan or a football fan in Albuquerque or just a fan of the underdog, you'll enjoy the story in this week's Sports Illustrated about the Bulldogs head football Coach Curtis Flakes.

Coach Flakes, who took over as head coach at AHS this season after surviving a horrendous motorcycle accident and battling cancer, led the Bulldogs to their first victory in four years on Sept. 26.

"They'd experienced a rough three, four years and I had too," Flakes, who is in remission, told Sports Illustrated. "So it was an opportunity for myself and for them to put the past behind us."

The national attention was another positive for the coach and his team. "These kids have worked very hard and overcame a lot," he said after seeing the article. "They are truly heroes and they staff and I are honored to be a part of their family."

Read the Sports Illustrated story below:

Coach Flakes




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