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Posted December 6, 2017

A Principal's Guide to Learning Zones - Part 3

This week we hear from Principal Shawn Morris of Van Buren Middle School in LZ1.

We've been asking principals over the past few weeks to explain how Learning Zones help their schools. Principals in LZ2 and LZ4 have spoken candidly about the implementation of our new vertical learning approach that allows us to address the needs of our students from pre-k to graduation.

The principals we’ve heard from like the collaboration that allows them to explore student success with educators they don’t connect with daily. They like sharing their expertise when asked, and accepting help when needed.

All school districts are unique, but as an urban-suburban-rural district we really do stand out. So, it’s especially fitting to incorporate an equally unique academic model to successfully meet the academic goals and aspirations of every student we touch.

The third installment of our Principal’s Guide to the Learning Zones is filed from Route 66, stretching from downtown Albuquerque through the Southeast Heights and into the East Mountains. It includes Kirtland Air Force Base, the city’s first two high schools and a field of other schools recognized for their grit, diversity and accomplishments.

Shawn Morris, Principal of Van Buren Middle school likes the fresh approach of  the Learning Zones. Principal Morris also helps us understand what we mean we talk about APS as a diverse district.