UPDATE: Early Dismissal and Parent Pickup at Valle Vista ES — Wednesday, Jan. 16

UPDATE: Early Dismissal and Parent Pickup at Dolores Gonzales ES — Wednesday, Jan. 16

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Posted: January 6, 2014


200+ APS Musicians Make All-State

219 students from 11 of our high schools will perform at the annual New Mexico Music Educators’ Association All-State conference this weekend.

Get the schedule of events for the 58th annual NMMEA All-State Conference and In-Service.

Once a year, musicians from all across the state audition and are selected to perform at the annual New Mexico Music Educators Association All-State Conference and In-Service. This year, 219 music students from APS will represent the district in seven different performance groups. The All-State conference and rehearsals run Thursday, Jan. 9, through Friday, Jan. 10. All of the groups perform at UNM's Popejoy Hall on Saturday, Jan. 11.

"We are very proud of all of our fine arts students who will be participating this weekend," said Luis Delgado, director of APS Fine Arts. "Our district has outstanding music programs, and we are humbled to see so many of our top students being recognized at the state level."

Two APS bands have been selected to perform at the conference as Honor Bands. Find out more here.

Listed below is a full list of all APS students who will proudly represent our district:

Student High School Performance Group
Martinez, Alan Albuquerque Concert Band
Simons, Sean Albuquerque Concert Orchestra
Lyons, Jenay Albuquerque Guitar
Almazan, Ana Sofia Albuquerque Guitar
Chavez, Stephanie Albuquerque Symphonic Band
Earick, Samuel Albuquerque Symphonic Band
Kelly, Jane Albuquerque Symphonic Band
Jarrett, Francesca Albuquerque Symphony Orchestra
Salazar, Katherine Albuquerque Symphony Orchestra
Meadors, Savannah Albuquerque Symphony Orchestra
Ohlhausen, Micah Albuquerque Symphony Orchestra
Baca, Maggie Albuquerque Treble Choir
Martinez, Samuel Albuquerque Guitar
Jiwani, Ayaz Albuquerque Guitar
Dawson, Maya Cibola Concert Orchestra
Schmidt, Ethan Cibola Guitar
Taylor, Peter Cibola Guitar
Chavez, Adrian Cibola Guitar
Keller-Ballinger, Luke Cibola Guitar
Stagner, Zachary Cibola Guitar
Camacho, Nicholas Cibola Guitar
Montoya, Alyssa Cibola Guitar
Whittaker, Maximillian Cibola Guitar
Montoya, Myriah Cibola Mixed Choir
Sullinger, Jesse Cibola Mixed Choir
Chavez, Nick Cibola Mixed Choir
Vargas, David Cibola Mixed Choir
Daggett, Riley Cibola Symphonic Band
Brady, Cassandra Cibola Symphony Orchestra
Nowlin, Josh Cibola Symphony Orchestra
Austin, Gavin Del Norte Concert Orchestra
Goodwin-Delgado Del Norte Concert Orchestra
Galvan, Joseph Del Norte Guitar
Freyre, Carlos Del Norte Guitar
Garcia, Deandre Del Norte Guitar
Johnson, Lucian Del Norte Guitar
Martinez, Justin Del Norte Guitar
Cochran, Roderick Del Norte Mixed Choir
Ruan, Dilys Del Norte Symphony Orchestra
Abeyta, Destiny Del Norte Treble Choir
Pino, Melanie Del Norte Treble Choir
Nelson, Lydia Del Norte Treble Choir
Garcia, Mariah Del Norte Treble Choir
Smith, Domonique Del Norte Treble Choir
McCarthy, Morgan Eldorado Concert Band
Greenwood, Michelle Eldorado Concert Band
Howe, Robyn Eldorado Concert Band
Moore, Alli Eldorado Concert Band
Claasen, Kim Eldorado Concert Band
Melville, Nick Eldorado Concert Band
Brown, Lauren Eldorado Concert Band
Lorenzen, Jacob Eldorado Concert Band
King, Sarah Eldorado Concert Band
Heckes, Emily Eldorado Concert Band
Bundy, Hannah Eldorado Concert Orchestra
Han, Esther Eldorado Concert Orchestra
Georgeson, Caleb Eldorado Concert Orchestra
Roberts, Henry Eldorado Concert Orchestra
Ziegler, Cassandra Eldorado Concert Orchestra
Lines, Noah Eldorado Concert Orchestra
Ziegler, Ryan Eldorado Concert Orchestra
Anslover, Jamie Eldorado Concert Orchestra
Gigliotti, Maria Eldorado Concert Orchestra
Fallick, Kayla Eldorado Mixed Choir
Johnson, April Eldorado Mixed Choir
Salazar, Victoria Eldorado Mixed Choir
White, Alison Eldorado Mixed Choir
Montoya, Gaelan Eldorado Mixed Choir
Reinhardt, Ian Eldorado Mixed Choir
Sampaga, Derek Eldorado Mixed Choir
Smith, Natalie Eldorado Symphonic Band
Weisgerber, Ken Eldorado Symphonic Band
Sandoval, Kevin Eldorado Symphonic Band
Mielke, Hope Eldorado Symphonic Band
Eggleton, Silas Eldorado Symphonic Band
Erikson, James Eldorado Symphony Orchestra
Hattler, Jacob Eldorado Symphony Orchestra
Stevens, Bradley Eldorado Symphony Orchestra
Berlin, William Eldorado Symphony Orchestra
Manteufel, Derek Eldorado Symphony Orchestra
Hounshell, Megan Eldorado Treble Choir
Jordan, Katie Eldorado Treble Choir
Kittleson, Hannah Eldorado Treble Choir
Davis, Kaisha Eldorado Treble Choir
Giering, Paige Eldorado Treble Choir
Johnson, Emily Eldorado Treble Choir
Morrow, Grace Eldorado Treble Choir
White, Bianca Eldorado Treble Choir
Alter, Hailey Eldorado Treble Choir
Hagler, Madison Eldorado Treble Choir
Haney, Claire Eldorado Treble Choir
O'Rear, Paige Eldorado Treble Choir
Trevizo, Alan Highland Concert Orchestra
Martinez, Sean Highland Guitar
Velazquez, Roman Highland Guitar
Munoz, Edwin Highland Guitar
Espinoza, Fernando Highland Guitar
Saenz, Octavio Highland Guitar
Sousa, Shaun Highland Symphonic Band
Rodelas, Mariola Highland Treble Choir
MacCurdy, Katherine La Cueva Concert Band
Hartmann, Jenny La Cueva Concert Band
Rivera, Megan La Cueva Concert Band
Lizewski, Kelly La Cueva Concert Band
Staveley, Jordan La Cueva Concert Band
Chen, Michael La Cueva Concert Band
Wilson, Elizabeth La Cueva Concert Band
Amsden, Breanna La Cueva Concert Band
Rohrbaugh, Georgina La Cueva Concert Band
Ponce, Alex La Cueva Concert Band
Kennard, Brandon La Cueva Concert Band
Brown, Patrick La Cueva Concert Band
Cramblitt, Anna La Cueva Concert Orchestra
Huang, Dennis La Cueva Concert Orchestra
Shokrollahi, Amirali La Cueva Concert Orchestra
Zhang, Randy La Cueva Concert Orchestra
Zhu, Samuel La Cueva Concert Orchestra
Fierro,  Sebastian La Cueva Concert Orchestra
Cuellar, Dylan La Cueva Concert Orchestra
Oh, Sung-Tack La Cueva Concert Orchestra
Yoon, Youngsik La Cueva Concert Orchestra
Zhao, Helen La Cueva Concert Orchestra
Stuhler, Max La Cueva Concert Orchestra
Robledo, Wyatt La Cueva Concert Orchestra
Haase, Danielle La Cueva Mixed Choir
Schmitt, Kristin La Cueva Mixed Choir
Shinde, Mirai La Cueva Mixed Choir
Brunsma, Karina La Cueva Mixed Choir
Cole, Shannon La Cueva Mixed Choir
Edwards, Annie La Cueva Mixed Choir
Chavez, Gilbert La Cueva Mixed Choir
McNeilly, Nathan La Cueva Mixed Choir
Mied, William La Cueva Mixed Choir
Ray, Robert La Cueva Mixed Choir
Remtullah, Jameel La Cueva Mixed Choir
Xu, Andy La Cueva Mixed Choir
Hsiao, Jasmyne La Cueva Symphonic Band
Nakhleh, Julia La Cueva Symphonic Band
Yancey, Michaela La Cueva Symphonic Band
Yannotti, Kieran La Cueva Symphonic Band
Valverde, Hector La Cueva Symphonic Band
Sommer, Erika La Cueva Symphonic Band
Shover, Mark La Cueva Symphonic Band
Gabaldon, Taylor La Cueva Symphonic Band
Soule, Luke La Cueva Symphonic Band
Buster, Mariah La Cueva Symphonic Band
Everett, Mackenzie La Cueva Symphonic Band
Porter, Justin La Cueva Symphonic Band
Ellenwood, Alex La Cueva Symphonic Band
Antonio, Jared La Cueva Symphonic Band
Friedman, Eli La Cueva Symphonic Band
Timmins, Joe La Cueva Symphonic Band
Barnes, Chris La Cueva Symphonic Band
Hsiao, Meico La Cueva Symphonic Band
Lin, Andrea La Cueva Symphony Orchestra
Boyack, Tanner La Cueva Symphony Orchestra
Arquitola, Amber La Cueva Symphony Orchestra
Dai, Shelley La Cueva Symphony Orchestra
Kreitinger, Rebecca La Cueva Symphony Orchestra
Merrill, Savanna La Cueva Symphony Orchestra
Jones, Emma La Cueva Symphony Orchestra
Kavelman, Daniel La Cueva Symphony Orchestra
Brandt, Naomi La Cueva Symphony Orchestra
Wildenstein, Faolyn La Cueva Symphony Orchestra
Wuest, Ellery La Cueva Symphony Orchestra
Johnson, Annette La Cueva Treble Choir
Skaggs, Sarah La Cueva Treble Choir
Weitzel, Jillian La Cueva Treble Choir
Ranger, Molly La Cueva Treble Choir
Salinger-Mullen, Sarah La Cueva Treble Choir
Robberts, Shellby La Cueva Treble Choir
Kelley, Katherine La Cueva Treble Choir
McLean, Liz La Cueva Treble Choir
Schneider, Jessica Manzano Concert Band
Kassay-Padilla, Anna Manzano Concert Band
Gomez-Nelson, Spenser Manzano Concert Band
Minchak, David Manzano Concert Band
Vigil, Audra Manzano Guitar
Davis, Alex Manzano Guitar
Troung, Michael Manzano Guitar
Floe, Santana Manzano Guitar
McCurley, Brandon Manzano Guitar
Royal, Ean Manzano Guitar
Porter, Amanda Manzano Mixed Choir
Vigil, Audra Manzano Mixed Choir
Lopez, Eli Manzano Mixed Choir
Eickhoff, Karl Manzano Mixed Choir
Haynes, Casey Manzano Mixed Choir
Falconi, Aurelio Manzano Symphonic Band
Chael, Nathan Manzano Symphonic Band
Gale, Sabrina Manzano Treble Choir
Aidun, Ruby NexGen Academy Concert Orchestra
Aidun, Ivan NexGen Academy Symphony Orchestra
Nau, Kori Sandia Concert Band
Wilson, Lena Sandia Concert Band
McCullough, Regina Sandia Concert Orchestra
Cole, Symone Sandia Concert Orchestra
Fulton, Jacob Sandia Guitar
Billingsley. Nicole Sandia Guitar
Kivi, Emily Sandia Mixed Choir
Digregorio, Sara Sandia Mixed Choir
Quesada, Cesar Sandia Symphonic Band
Dye-Robinson, Amy Sandia Symphonic Band
Hawton, Julia Sandia Symphony Orchestra
Wise, Justice Sandia Symphony Orchestra
Taylor, Ryan Sandia Symphony Orchestra
Robnett, Alexandra Volcano Vista Concert Orchestra
Schwaner, Erika Volcano Vista Concert Orchestra
Strickland, Carly Volcano Vista Concert Orchestra
Wardell, Ryan Volcano Vista Concert Orchestra
Hauck, Amanda Volcano Vista Mixed Choir
Winn, Dylan Volcano Vista Mixed Choir
Tate, Ryan Volcano Vista Mixed Choir
Thompson, Mario Volcano Vista Symphonic Band
Wardell, Jacob Volcano Vista Symphonic Band
Williams, Josh Volcano Vista Symphonic Band
Kao, Malia Volcano Vista Symphony Orchestra
Kao, Mae-Ling Volcano Vista Symphony Orchestra
Montoya, Herman West Mesa Symphonic Band
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UPDATE: Early Dismissal and Parent Pickup at Valle Vista ES — Wednesday, Jan. 16
UPDATE: Early Dismissal and Parent Pickup at Dolores Gonzales ES — Wednesday, Jan. 16
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