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ETD Salvage Request Form

Materials Management has implemented new procedures for salvage pickup and asking schools/departments to use the fillable PDF forms here on the website to request salvage pick-up. The ETD form is for APS bar-coded salvage only. The SLV form is for salvage that does NOT have a bar-code. 

  1. You must download the fillable PDF file and save it to your desktop or file (otherwise it will be blank when you email the form).
  2. Type in the information and save it again to your desktop or file.
  3. Attach the form to your email (DO NOT SCAN or FAX the form - It has to be attached in its fillable form).

We appreciate your consideration and help with this new procedure.


Click on the icon below to access ETD Form

ETD Salvage Form

Email all salvage request forms to the link below:



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