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Benjamin Garcia, Manager (27 years with M&O, two years as manager), 66 technicians and support staff

Structural Craft Shops include Furniture Repair; Carpentry; Glass and Window Repair; Lock and Key; Masonry/Tile; Flooring (tile, carpet, wood, concrete); Painting; Signage; Graphics; Welding; Fence Repair; Parking Lot Striping; Bleachers; Ceiling Tile; Doors and Hardware; and Roofing Repair (new roofs are the responsibility of FD+C).

The largest of the service departments, Structural is accountable for all that sustains schools’ physical aesthetics, structural integrity, security, and safety. All Shops work at keeping up appearances and functionality. Technicians work year-round but are especially busy during the summer months when their work, especially large projects, can be undertaken with no disruption to the education process. Smaller and emergency repairs are carried out throughout the year with little to no classroom interference whenever possible (day, evenings, and weekends).

The Department’s skilled carpenters, roofers, painters, glass fitters, masons, tile and carpet installers, welders, locksmiths, and sign and graphic artists provide for clean, safe, comfortable, and visually pleasing learning and administrative spaces. Their aim is to eradicate all that could be a distraction to occupants and their purpose – learning, teaching, or otherwise supporting the education system. Impediments such as a leaking roof, broken window, or wobbly desk challenge students’ ability to concentrate on studies – their job. Structural technicians fully grasp the connection between how doing their work positively affects how the students do their school work

After the anticipated flood of work requests that are received with the start of every school year, all Structural shops, except Painting, focus on PM inspections and performing small repairs before they have the chance to spiral into large cost and time intensive repairs. The Department had steadily grown its PM program every year until the 2013-14 FY. However, in spite of an almost 11% increase in reactive work, preventive work order numbers held steady. (See Structural work order totals on page 87 of Appendices.)


Gym floor refurbishment project completed

Several years back nearly all the auxiliary gym floors in the District’s middle and high schools were in need of replacement of oil based sealer with water based. The Department accomplished the project in the 2013-14 FY with the completion of gym floors at Wherry Elementary School, Eisenhower Middle School, and Rio Grande High School.

Furniture Repair Shop doing more work faster

As noted below, the Shop technicians completed 46.6% more work 42.9% faster over the previous year.

Furniture Repair

Painting Shop improved work performance time

As demonstrated in the graph below, painting technicians improved their time to complete work by 9.8% over the 2012-13 fiscal year.

Painting Shop

Portable classrooms converted to Primus Cylinder security system

APS’s own keyway that eliminates the possibility of duplicating keys was expanded to include all of the District’s portable structures. Portable classrooms, most often located at the fringes of school campuses, are now considerably less vulnerable to theft. The Shop continually works to make break-ins more difficult.

Obsolete bleachers replaced at two school sites

Replacing the bleachers at Hayes and Cleveland Middle Schools was long overdue. Both were original to the schools’ 1963 construction – precarious and so outdated beyond repair as parts are no longer available. Both schools now enjoy new modern ADA approved bleachers in their gyms.

 Parking lot striping PM program holds steady

The consistently strong PM program keeps reactive work requests down. Most of the 39 reactive WOs noted on the following bar graph were conducted at school additions. The new parking lots required crosswalk lines and special needs parking spaces.


Glazing Shop reduced work orders by half since 2007 and is working more efficiently

The PM work of replacing all plastic windows (Alsynite) with clear glass reinforced by security screens (manufactured by the Welding Shop) has resulted in a notable reduction in reactive work orders caused predominately by vandalism. A continual decline of reactive work is illustrated below – 17.2% decrease since the previous fiscal year and a 55.2% drop since 2007! And because vandalism incidences were down this year, it allowed a 46.6% increase in PM work over the previous year. In addition, the Shop drastically decreased the time to complete work orders 53.4% over the previous FY.

 Glass and Window Repair

Sign Shop’s commercial printer refurbished

The technician was challenged by a large poorly functioning commercial printer required for reproducing large vinyl and poster size signs. The printer was inoperable but the replacement cost was prohibitive. Through ingenious research and exploring imaginative options, the unique repair parts were found resurrecting what was believed to be a dead printer. The immediate expense of purchasing a new one or having to outsource the work was saved. While the system is working well, replacing the printer is planned for the near future.

Roll-up doors preventive maintenance has reduced repair costs

The Carpentry Shop realized a 25.3% decrease in roll-up doors PM costs but a 43.9% increase in PM work orders over the previous FY. Quite simply, the preventive maintenance on roll-up doors has significantly reduced the cost to repair them.

Fence replacement program making progress and Shop working more efficiently

Several years ago the Fence Shop launched a District wide inspection and replacement program to address the most ravaged and perilous fences. To date, approximately 30% have been replaced, driving reactive work orders down by 6.9% and all the while reducing the time to perform work by over half – 56.2%! The newly installed Supervisor is credited for a running an efficient Shop.

Fence Repair

PM programs (on going)

  • Roll-up doors inspection and repair
  • Interior bleachers inspection and repair (outsourced)
  • Inspect gym floors every six months and perform spot repairs
  • Glass and window inspection and repair
  • Doors inspection, weather stripping, and repair
  • Repainting of fire and bus lanes
  • Fabricating and installing security window screens
  • Welding Shop screening-off windows and installing deterrents to enhance security

Special Challenge

Severe monsoon season reduced Roofing Shop’s PM output

The 2013 mid to late summer brutal rainfalls resulted in a 175% increase in reactive roofing work orders and subsequent 27.5% drop in PM work, as illustrated below. The Shop expects to be caught up on the backlogged 2013-14 preventive maintenance work and back on a regular PM schedule by June 30, 2015.

Roofing Shop


Status of 2013-14 Fiscal Year Goals

  • Complete the sanding and finishing of auxiliary gym floors with a water-based sealer at the few remaining schools not accomplished in previous fiscal year. Completed (see Highlight above).
  • Replace the upper mezzanine bleachers in the main gym of at least two schools. Currently inspecting and completing assessments. Completed at Hayes and Cleveland Middle Schools.

2014-15 Fiscal Year Goals

  • Make progress in expanding the “SiteMaster” security key control system that informs the Key Shop Supervisor of keys issued activity. It began as a pilot in the M&O Division a few years ago and is primed for expansion whereby each site can monitor its own key control.
  • Complete the implementation of automatic issuing ADA door button opener PM work orders to PM contractor.
  • Replace bleachers at Eldorado High School and Washington, Jefferson, and Taylor Middle Schools, if funding allows. (Two schools planned with Eldorado high priority.)
  • Replace all six of the basketball goal posts in main gym at Highland High School. All are quite old and one poses a safety issue. Engineering in progress and manufacturing to follow.s


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