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Benjamin Garcia, Manager
(28 years with M&O, three years as manager), 66 technicians and support staff

Structural Craft Shops include Furniture Repair; Carpentry; Glass and Window Repair; Lock and Key; Masonry/Tile; Flooring (tile, carpet, wood, concrete); Painting; Signage; Graphics; Welding; Fence Repair; Parking Lot Striping; Bleachers; Ceiling Tile; Doors and Hardware; and Roofing Repair (new roofs are the responsibility of FD+C).

The Department is charged with all that preserves schools’ physical appearance and condition, safety, functionality, and security. It all adds up to an immense responsibility that keeps the technicians busy year-round, but is ratcheted way up during the summer months when their work doesn’t interrupt the school day.

The skilled technicians throughout the Structural Shops provide clean, safe, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing environments District wide. In support of the education process, they eliminate all that could be a distraction to students and teachers. These include small issues such as a door that sticks, to much larger problems such as a badly leaking roof that could lead to the temporary relocation of classes if not immediately tackled. Students’ achievement potential begins the moment they set foot on campus, and from that minute and throughout their instructional day, either indoors or outdoors, if they are greeted with welcoming and preserved learning spaces, taking in concepts, theories, facts, and figures can be their only focus.

The Department’s skilled carpenters, roofers, painters, glass fitters, masons, tile and carpet installers, welders, locksmiths, and sign and graphic artists all understand how executing their responsibilities positively affects learning.


Roofing technicians assigned to specific Clusters within four zones

As technicians are now assigned work orders at schools in their designated Clusters, they develop relationships with the schools’ Administrators and gain a historical knowledge of the condition of the roofs. It has also proven to instill more team and individual accountability.

Roofing repairs performed 27.7% faster

All emergency status work orders are attended to immediately, but for the Roofing Shop during a wet year that may well mean having a dozen WOs that need their attention “now” when there is only one “now.” Nevertheless, the Shop’s response time for high priority work improved by 27.7% in 2014-15 – a very wet year with many heavy rain showers. The 2015-16 winter is also forecasted to be moisture packed.


Roofing technicians completed trouble-shooting classes

The courses taught online included hands-on exercises and addressed trouble-shooting roof repairs. This included what to look for in identifying potential issues and how to repair them in circumventing major damage and extending the life of the roof.

New router sign machine aided in work production and completion time in Signage Shop

The Shop’s long used large commercial printer was outdated but a major refurbishing in the previous fiscal year gave it a second life. The needed new $60,000 router printer purchased in the 2015-16 FY will not only keep the Shop open for business should the timeworn printer fail, but allows for getting more signs printed and installed faster with two commercial printers doing the job. The Shop had a 4.1% increase in work orders over the previous year and an 8.9% decrease in response time (69% since 2007!). Printing jobs are never contracted out, saving the District incalculable dollars.


Locking devices installed on PNM transformers

The Welding and Fence Shop fabricated locking devices for PNM transformers on school sites due to copper theft at several campuses. While these transformers have been fortified, approximately 130 remain vulnerable to theft District wide and will be addressed.

Security screens installed on computer lab windows at ten schools

The screens, fabricated by Structural Department welders, will also be installed at the most susceptible to vandalism and theft computer classrooms throughout the District in the coming months and year.

Parking lot striping work aided by purchase of new paint sprayer

Clearly visible parking lot striping is critical in directing drivers (most importantly emergency fire and medical personnel) through school campuses and is not an uncommon code violation cited in Fire Marshal inspections. As such, most parking lot striping conducted by the Paint Shop is PM, as illustrated by the following bar graph. The newly purchased parking lot paint sprayer significantly aided in technicians working faster, completing more reactive and PM WOs, and staying ahead of Fire Marshal inspectors. Paint Shop technicians, aided by contractors, were able to access and re-strip parking lots at school sites, administrative facilities, two soccer fields, and all three sports stadiums increasing reactive WOs by 19.7 and PM work by 3.1% over the previous fiscal year.


Old basketball rims replaced at Elementary and Middle Schools

The outdoor basketball rims, subject to harsh weather conditions as well as heavy use, were beyond simple repair and were replaced with the latest and most durable outdoor rim design.

Two new Lincoln Welders procured for Welding and Fencing Shop

The new welders replaced two that far outlived their projected life expectancy. The new equipment is reliable, more economical, and easy to operate for better efficiency by technicians out in the field.

Replaced bleachers at three school sites

The Carpenter Shop replaced the antiquated bleachers beyond repair at Eldorado High School and Washington and Jefferson Middle Schools. The new ADA approved gym bleachers are safer, more comfortable, and considerably more visually appealing.

Masonry Shop improved work production and response time

The following bar graphs are impressive because masonry repair and replacement work is challenging to schedule and equally difficult to get done. It is noisy work, requires dusty demolition that leaves piles of debris and clean-up, and the put-back is time intensive. Work has to be scheduled around class time and debris cleared away quickly. Faced with these hindrances, the Shop nonetheless performed 5.1% more work and closed it out 33.5% faster than in the previous fiscal year.


Lock and Key Shop carried out re-keying projects at various campuses

    • La Cueva High School - Changed out the school’s master keys from Yale hardware and replaced it with a more secure and ADA compliant Schalge system
    • McCarthy Elementary School - New master and Schalge Primus system
    • APS Transportation Lot - School bus parking lot is more secure

New Ace Tubular Key Duplicator machine procured for Lock and Key Shop

The Shop previously purchased these secure unique barrel keys used exclusively for APS elevators. The new duplicator eliminates the need and expense to purchase new keys and the ability to serve customers in a more timely fashion.

Glazier Shop steadily replacing Alsynite with clear glass District wide

In combating vandalism, the Shop began switching out Alsynite window panels with clear glass reinforced with security screens throughout the District, completing approximately 15% of the windows a year. To date, 125 of the Districts 152 sites (schools and administrative facilities) have been completed to date. The task will continue until all 27 remaining sites are completed.

Glazier Shop collaborating with FD+C regarding glass standards and choices for new schools and remodels

As security is an ever rising concern, the Facilities Design + Construction Division is consulting with the Glazier Shop in designing and selecting windows (types of glass, shading/tinting) and doors for new construction that meet higher than previously required security standards.

School custodians aided in installing ceiling tiles

The Ceiling Tile Shop delivered supplies of ceiling tiles to the schools for quicker replacement installation by the custodians. It resulted in a welcomed 24.9% fewer work orders for the busy Shop over the previous fiscal year and a 32.5% improved response rate. Schools are serviced more quickly when tasks are performed by their always present custodians when possible.


New sheetrock and stainless steel installed in kitchen dishwashing area at Longfellow Elementary School

The old materials had become a bit tattered due to age. The upgraded materials are more aesthetic and considerably easier to keep clean due to new domestic water lines installed throughout the school.

New concrete slab installed at Matheson Park Elementary School main entrance

The main entrance concrete was cracking and breaking up and quickly becoming a trip hazard. The new entry is not only safer but also makes a much better first impression to school visitors. ADA access issues and other architectural barriers were also addressed.

New flooring replaced those old and worn at three school sites

In response to helping aging schools’ flooring issues, VCT (vinyl composition tile), ideal for schools because it’s durable, attractive, and easy to maintain, was installed in the hallways and cafeteria at Dolores Gonzales Elementary School; two hallways in the classroom building at Van Buren Middle School; and the cafeteria at L.B. Johnson Middle School.

New PM programs

    • Inspection of gates and perimeter fencing around school sites (11 conducted in 2014-15)
    • Inspection of basketball goalposts in High School gyms (all completed and will repeat annually) Note: As issues are identified by technicians or reported by schools, they are repaired immediately.

PM programs (on going)

    • Roll-up doors inspection and repair
    • Interior bleachers inspection and repair
    • Inspection of gym floors every six months
    • Glass and window inspection and repair
    • and performance of spot repairs
    • Doors inspection, weather stripping, and repair
    • Repainting of fire and bus lanes
    • Parking lot re-striping with focus on fire lanes
    • Fabricating and installing security window screens and crosswalks
    • ADA automatic door opener
    • Gym wood floors refinished annually

Special Challenge

Second year of heavy monsoon seasons reduced Roofing Shop’s PM output

Two consecutive years of soaking rains severely cut into the Shop’s ability to carry out PM work as reactive WOs have dominated scheduling. The Shop hoped to be caught up on the backlogged 2013-14 PM work and back on a regular PM schedule by June 30, 2015, but it didn’t happen and will transpire when Albuquerque experiences a dry year and a consideration for more FTEs and funding.


Status of 2014-15 Fiscal Year Goals

    • Make progress in expanding the “SiteMaster” security key control system that informs the Key Shop Supervisor of keys issued activity. It began as a pilot in the M&O Division a few years ago and is primed for expansion whereby each site can monitor its own key control. On hold until required manpower and more funding are available for expansion of the program to schools. Not expected in the immediate future
    • Complete the impletion of automatic issuing ADA door button opener PM work orders to subcontractor (oversight provided by Lock Shop). Started, will be completed in 2015-16
    • Replace bleachers at Eldorado High School and Washington, Jefferson, and Taylor Middle Schools when funding is approved. (Two schools planned with Eldorado high priority.) Completed at all but Taylor Middle School which will be addressed in 2015-16 (see Highlight above and 2015-16 Goal below)
    • Install entirely reengineered new basketball goal post systems in main gym at Highland High School. All are quite old and one poses a safety issue. Engineering is in progress and manufacturing to take place. Completed

2014-15 Fiscal Year Goals

    • Further train Roofing Shop technicians on basic computer skills and the SchoolDude work order system, and instill the importance of conducting data entry, most importantly closing work orders, on a timely basis.
    • Launch a PM program for ADA door inspections (pilot project funded).
    • Replace bleachers at McKinley and Taylor Middle Schools (funding allocated if February 2016 bond election successful).
    • Complete the impletion of automatic issuing ADA door button opener PM work orders to contractor that was started in 2014-15 fiscal year.
    • Conduct re-keying projects to strengthen security:
      • New George I. Sanchez K-12 School build on the west side in 2014-15 FY. (The school’s doors came with locks that are inconsistent and not up to par with APS’ security system.)
      • M&O Lincoln Complex
      • School on Wheels
      • APS Diagnostic Centers (re-key the three sites to one master key system)
      • Elementary Schools (nine) and Atrisco Heritage Academy High School (those buildings that have different outdoor key locks from master, the result of keys that shouldn’t have been being duplicated)
    • Install new flooring at Ernie Pyle Middle School classroom building hallway and Valle Vista Elementary School (during winter break while school is not in session).
    • Assess condition of all old Elementary Schools’ gym floors and replace at the most needed (Longfellow and Hawthorne).
    • Assess condition of drop ceilings and concrete District wide and replace at sites with the most need (funding permitting).
    • Assess condition of all parking lot striping, painted curbs, and symbols at every site and re-paint where needed.


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