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Building Services

Fred Montano, Manager (34 years with APS, manager 12 years)
50 technicians and support personnel

Building Services Craft Shops include Graffiti Removal; Custodian Coordination; Pest Control; Custodial Equipment Repair; Carpet Cleaning (includes water extraction); Specialty Cleaning; Blinds and Shades; Emergency Dispatch; and M&O Warehouse Management.

In the Building Services Department maintaining clean and sanitary environments, the crews address the District’s dirtiest and most distressing and disruption causing clean-ups. These include water extraction due to flooding; cleaning up any and all bodily fluids as well as pigeon excrement; washing and sandblasting graffiti off every imaginable surface; and the extermination of annoying and potentially harmful indoor and outdoor pests that include ants, wasps, and mice, as well as the humane removal of bees, skunks, and feral cats. These reactive work requests are most often, about 80% of the time, emergencies that need to be attended to straightaway. An unhygienic classroom due to an ailing student is not favorable to learning or the health of the other students, and graffiti defaces APS property and is an offensive insult to all school occupants and the neighboring community. Important cleaning jobs that don’t require immediate attention are scheduled in PM Direct and include annual school wide carpet cleaning as well as power washing and disinfecting restrooms and cafeteria tables.

Non-cleaning responsibilities include the purchasing, stocking, and distributing of the approximately $1.2 million worth of inventory (repair materials, supplies, tools, and equipment) used by M&O Craft Shops and housed in the M&O Warehouse; custodial equipment repair; window blinds repair; and two dispatchers charged with responding to emergency calls and ensuring that all emergency work is immediately communicated to pertinent Department Managers and technicians.

Lastly, Building Services Department directs the District’s school custodian program. All APS custodians are hired and trained by the Department. Training is extensive and includes proper procedures in performing every cleaning function as well as the precise seconds or minutes allocated for the completion of each task. Custodians are also regularly re-trained on the use of newly introduced high tech and earth-friendly green cleaning products. All new hire custodians begin in the substitute pool and are assigned to schools in place of custodians out on leave, and all permanent school custodian staff are hired from this pool.


Gained full-time licensed indoor pest control specialist

The new pest control exterminator came just in time as the increase in moisture during the 2013-14 FY caused a steep spike in the ant and roach population.

Progress gained in pigeon excretion clean-up

While the battle with uninvited pigeons that lodge on HVAC equipment is on-going, progress was made at the most problematic sites. Netting over evaporative cooling units was installed at Kit Carson Elementary School, Truman Middle School, and the Fleet Maintenance facility on the M&O complex. Many other schools are in progress with this difficult and expensive task.

Special Challenge/Issue

Carpet cleaning preventive maintenance continues to be a challenge

Cleaning the carpets at an entire school is PM Direct scheduled, however competing the high quantity of reactive work requests is trumping the preventive maintenance scheduled work. Maintaining clean carpets is important, especially in the kindergarten and elementary school classrooms where young students sit on the carpet for reading circles and other activities. Hiring two crews (four individuals) is one solution. The Department is also currently working with contractors on developing a PM plan with regards to carpet cleaning and disinfecting

PM programs (on-going)

  • Thorough pressure washing / cleaning of each school annually (summer)
  • Interior pest control school inspection monthly (reduced from 12 to 9 months a year)
  • Annual custodial maintenance and repair at every school site


Status of 2013-14 Fiscal Year Goals

  • Hire a qualified full-time indoor pest control technician to fill vacancy left by a retirement. Completed
  • Manager will monitor SchoolDude Craft Reports for all Building Services Shops to confirm accuracy. Completed
  • Assess the carpet cleaning system and machines and replace those most past their life cycle. Completed. Replaced two truck mounted machines with more efficient high tech systems.
  • Revise the PM Program in the Blinds and Shades Shop to include the entire District. The one-man Shop will aspire to perform 45 inspections a year covering all schools in three years. In progress
  • Pursue more funding to purchase sorely needed custodial equipment repair parts for equipment at school
    sites. In progress and will continue into the foreseeable future.

2014-15 Fiscal Year Goals

Improve classification of pest control work orders in SchoolDude. Currently there is an “indoor” category and simply a “pest control” category ostensibly to group outdoor pest WOs. However, as data entry is inconsistent and the attempt to categorize has merely caused unnecessary confusion without aiding in managing the Craft Shop. More planning will take place.

Hire two Assistant Supervisors in the Custodial Shop to monitor evening school custodians, conduct spot checks during their work schedules, and support custodial survey PM program throughout the District. The custodial surveys determine and regulate the precise time each task — unique to each school site — requires for satisfactory completion. Observing the time allotments eliminates slack in the schedule furthering productivity.

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