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Includes: bleachers, carpentry, carpet repair, ceiling tile, doors and hardware, fencing, flooring, furniture repair, glazier.

Benjamin Garcia, Manager (25 years with M&O, transferred from Fleet Maintenance Manager in 2012), 66 technicians and support staff

Craft Shops include Furniture Repair; Carpentry; Glass and Window Repair; Locksmith; Masonry/Tile; Flooring (tile, carpet, wood, concrete); Painting; Signage; Graphics; Welding; Fence Repair; Parking Lot Striping; Bleachers; Ceiling Tile; Doors and Hardware; and Roofing Repair. (New roofs are the responsibility of FD+C).

The largest M&O department, Structural technicians are accountable for all that preserves the schools’ physical aesthetics, safety, functionality, and security. This involves a great deal of repair, replacement, and staying on top of small breaks and issues in preventing them from becoming major time and cost intensive repairs. Summer is the Department’s busiest time when numerous projects that are too large to address during the school year are carried out without interruption to classroom time. Summer weather also allows for exterior painting and concrete work.

All Structural Department Shops play a critical function in the academic performance of APS students, as their purpose is to eliminate all that could be a detriment and distraction to students’ attention to learning. Roof leaks, broken glass, or damaged flooring can disrupt the learning process, endanger safety of occupants, and lead to indoor air quality problems that are not quickly or easily resolved. Students’ achievement potential is dependent on indoor and outdoor learning spaces that are clean, safe, and comfortable.

After reactive work orders are addressed, most received at the beginning of every school year, Structural shops focus on PM work which reduces the number of reactive work requests. The Department is working toward the ambitious goal of operating at 50% reactive and 50% proactive work by the 2014-15 fiscal year.


Vacant roofing positions filled

Concurrent with roofing maintenance being transferred from the Facilities Design + Construction Division to M&O in the 2009-10 fiscal year, roofers began retiring. A rigorous PM program implemented by the Structural Manager that was further expanded in 2010-11 due to the acquisition of requested Senate Bill 9 funds, helped a great deal as contractors were engaged, but the Roofing Shop was still shorthanded. Five roofers were hired in 2011-12, following retirements, which significantly boosted the Shop’s ability to stay on top of repairs in a timely fashion. As the following graph indicates, the Shop was able to perform 478 more roof repairs in 2011- 12 over the previous year, a 38.8% increase, due to being more adequately staffed.

Tightened security at school sites

The Structural Department Manager and Key Shop Supervisor have strengthened security with regard to outside contractors working at APS school sites. SchoolDude is now programmed to notify school principals that contractors and M&O technicians have Master Key access to their site, the work they will be performing, and the precise location. It is most helpful when school is not in session as contractors and technicians are not required to sign in at the administrative office.

  • Saves a great deal of time and effort in tracking Master Keys issued out of Key Shop
  • Easier to monitor who has access to sites and provides a history of access
  • Meets APS’ Internal Audit requirement

Electronic notebooks streamline the cutting of keys at school sites

Electronic notebooks (previously used by the Environmental Management Department and recycled to Key Shop) enable Key Shop technicians to access Code Source, the Shop’s key codes database from throughout the District. Technicians no longer have to call the Supervisor for key codes needed to cut keys at sites. In addition, the notebooks allow technicians to easily track keys within their assigned District areas.

Voice of the Customer question:
Is our performance satisfactory?

M&O earned a grade of
96% (A)

“SiteMaster” District wide security program tested within M&O

The Key Shop is testing a pilot key tracking audit program implemented within M&O in 2011-12. Used only in M&O for learning purposes, the SiteMaster system informs the Key Shop Supervisor what keys were issued and where they will be used. The Supervisor is starting with testing the system’s most basic features and will enlarge its scope as use of the pilot program progresses. When the pilot is completed, and if proven effective, it will become a multi-user system whereby each site can monitor their own key control. The Key Shop is dependent on APS Technology Division for successful completion and support of the program as well as funding; installing the system is costly and laborious.

Inspection of fences and gates District wide continued

Launched in the 2010-11 fiscal year, the Fence Shop is continuing to record repairs made on fences throughout APS sites. Many of the District’s fences are actually beyond repair and need to be replaced, especially those compromising safety. The history of repairs will be used to support the need and request for funds to replace rather than continually repair the most hazardous fences.

Tightening security of portable classrooms

The Welding Shop continues to fabricate and install security screens for the doors and windows on the District’s portable classrooms. Unfortunately, the isolated portables are more vulnerable to vandalism and theft. This is an on-going project started in the previous fiscal year that will continue until completed.

Clear safety glass replaces Plexiglas throughout District

Also started in the previous fiscal year, the Glass and Window Repair Shop is replacing yellowing, brittle, and graffiti etched Plexiglas with clear safety glass throughout APS schools.

PM programs (on going)

  • Roll-up doors inspection and repair
  • Interior bleachers inspection and repair (outsourced)
  • Inspect gym floors every six months and perform spot repairs
  • Glass and window inspection and repair
  • Doors inspection, weather stripping, and repair
  • Repainting of fire and bus lanes
  • Parking lot re-striping with focus on fire lanes and crosswalks
  • Welding Shop screening-off windows and installing deterrents to enhance security


Voice of the Customer question:
Were non-emergency work orders performed in a timely manner by M&O?

M&O earned a grade of
92% (A)

Status of 2011-12 Fiscal Year Goals

  • Expand the Primus Cylinder security system in the Locksmith Shop (APS’ own keyway).
    • Eliminates the possibility of duplicating keys.
    • 25% of schools currently on the system. 35% of schools done as of 2011-12 fiscal year. Will expand across District as funding allows.
  • Automatically issue PM work orders to contractors to service ADA doors annually. Not doable due to inadequate funding. Hope to launch in 2012-13.
  • The Glass and Window Repair Shop to track schools with high vandalism related work requests and install deterrents as well as request that the APS Police patrol these areas more frequently. Done
  • The Glaziers plan to get more involved with FD+C in selecting less maintenance-intensive windows and minimizing the number of windows at new building and renovation projects. Done and will continue as innovations and rebuilds are increasing District wide.
  • Complete training of all Department technicians on SchoolDude.
    • For those who already use SchoolDude, provide further training to enable them to specify more detailed work order information that will allow schools to check up-to-date status of requested work. Done
  • Thoroughly review work order patterns at all sites.
    • Identify schools that don’t often request work and inspect the site for needed repairs and schedule PM work. (Some site principals are lax in reporting issues and the problems escalate.)
    • Identify sites with an excessive number of work requests. (Perhaps one ‘squeaky wheel’ is getting attention at the expense of other sites that are more in need.) Done and it did improve condition at sites with few work requests.
  • Request a new line of communication on work requests from customers through SchoolDude. This will allow the customers to send a message directly to the technician assigned to the work regarding job status or to communicate concerns. Done

2012-13 Goals

  • Automatically issue PM work orders to contractors to service ADA doors annually. (Carried over from 2011-12).
  • Sand and finish auxiliary gym floors with a water-based sealer throughout District.
    • Schedule for Winter Break and when athletic directors allow gym access during school year.
    • Can’t fully accomplish in one year, but hope to complete 50% in 2012-13.
  • Replace the upper mezzanine bleachers in the main gyms at Del Norte and Rio Grande High Schools (two-year goal).
    • As they are the original 1950s bleachers, contractors are unable to work on them, hence are beyond repair.
  • Purchase a new commercial printer for Sign Shop. Current printer is outdated and inadequate for reproducing currently needed signs (large vinyl and poster).
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