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Includes: bleachers, carpentry, carpet repair, ceiling tile, doors and hardware, fencing, flooring, furniture repair, glazier.

Benjamin Garcia, Manager (26 years with M&O, one year as manager), 66 technicians and support staff

Structural Craft Shops include Furniture Repair; Carpentry; Glass and Window Repair; Lock and Key; Masonry/Tile; Flooring (tile, carpet, wood, concrete); Painting; Signage; Graphics; Welding; Fence Repair; Parking Lot Striping; Bleachers; Ceiling Tile; Doors and Hardware; and Roofing Repair (new roofs are the responsibility of FD+C).

The Structural Department is M&O’s largest service department and tasked with the general upkeep that protects and sustains the physical functionality and appearance of all school sites, the safety of occupants, and security District wide. Large projects and work that is not doable during cold weather — such as exterior painting, some roofing repairs, and concrete work — are addressed during the summer months, a very busy time for the technicians. Smaller and emergency repairs are conducted throughout the year with as minimal disruption to the classroom as possible.

All Structural Department Shops play a critical function in the academic performance of APS students, as their purpose is to eliminate all that could be a detriment and distraction to students’ attention to learning. Roof leaks, broken glass, or damaged flooring can disrupt the learning process, endanger safety of occupants, and lead to indoor air quality problems that are not quickly or easily resolved. Students’ achievement potential is dependent on indoor and outdoor learning spaces that are clean, safe, and comfortable.

Following the influx of work requests that are received at the beginning of the school year, all Structural Shops give as much attention as possible to PM work. This requires the regular assessment of sites in identifying repair work that will thwart small breaks or minor wear and tear from becoming large and costly repairs or replacements. Preserving assets, time, manpower, and costs in maintaining effectual learning spaces District wide is the goal.


Lock and Key Shop tightened management of Master keys District wide

The Key Shop Supervisor is overseeing the rekeying of all portable classrooms to Master keys at every school site. Even M&O technicians are now required to checkout Master keys to sites to access portables, leaving only the school sites as the only permanent holders of Master keys for portables at their site. The improved key check-out procedure, along with a pilot key tracking audit program started in 2012, has resulted in an impressive increase in the number of work orders, 70%, as illustrated by the graph below. Previously, checked-out keys were inadequately manually noted. Currently, a work order is generated each time a site key is checked-out. Quite simply, key control accountability increased meaningfully.

Lock and Key


“SiteMaster” security pilot program being tested at M&O

SiteMaster is a key control system that informs the Key Shop Supervisor what keys are issued, to whom, and where they are to be used. The Supervisor began the pilot with testing the system’s most basic features only at the M&O complex. The Shop aims to increase the system in scope and expand it throughout APS by the end of the 2013-14 fiscal year. SiteMaster will become a multi-user system whereby each site can monitor its own key control. All the various system’s software has now been purchased.

Replacement of old, damaged fences and gates in progress

During the 2010-11 fiscal year, the Fence Shop began inspecting all gates and fences District wide in identifying those most in need of replacement, with a focus on those compromising safety. In the 2012-13 fiscal year, the replacement of the most worn weary, approximately 15%, were replaced. The program will continue until all of the oldest gates and fences are replaced. It is an enormous project, but doable over a few years.

Tighter schedule in fencing repairs implemented

The Fence Shop’s Acting Supervisor re-organized the Shop and implemented a more timesaving work schedule resulting in a 25% faster response time, indicated by the “Average Days Aged” bar graph below. The number of work orders held study over the previous year; however completion time was reduced from 22.85 days to 17.14 days.

Fence Repair



Roofers now assigned by quadrant

The Roofing Supervisor has divided the Shop technicians into four District regions to provide for tighter scheduling and less travel time. Techs also become more familiar with the history and condition of the roofs in their assigned quadrant. All techs, however, respond to emergencies throughout the District.

Tightening security of portable classrooms

Several years ago, the Welding Shop began fabricating and installing security screens for the doors and windows on the District’s portable classrooms which are more susceptible to vandalism and theft. Approximately 60% have been completed to date, 20% in the 2012-13 fiscal year.

PM programs (on going)

  • Roll-up doors inspection and repair
  • Interior bleachers inspection and repair (outsourced)
  • Inspect gym floors every six months and perform spot repairs
  • Glass and window inspection and repair
  • Doors inspection, weather stripping, and repair
  • Repainting of fire and bus lanes
  • Parking lot re-striping with focus on fire lanes and crosswalks
  • Welding Shop screening-off windows and installing deterrents to enhance security

New PM roof program

Thorough inspection of roofs: check fascia for deterioration; check expansion joints for signs of excessive movement, leaks, and deterioration; inspect duck work, housings, condensation lines, and pipes; inspect sheet metal cabinets, gaskets, and equipment base/tie in; check strainers and clamping rings; and clean-up of debris from roofs, downspouts, gutters, drains, and parapets. The Roofing Shop is finally sufficiently staffed to perform PM work regularly scheduled in PM Direct. As the following graph illustrates, the Roofing Shop realized a decrease in reactive work orders and an increase in PM work. Also true, however, the City had little rain in the 2012-13 fiscal year to test the durability of roofs.



Status of 2012-13

  • Automatically issue PM work orders to contractors to service ADA doors annually. (Carried over from 2011-12). Goal shelved indefinitely due to lack of funding. Will revisit in the future.
  • Sand and finish auxiliary gym floors with a water-based sealer throughout District.
    - Can’t complete in one year, but hope to complete 50% in 2012-13. Done
  • Replace the upper mezzanine bleachers in the main gyms at Del Norte and Rio Grande High Schools. Done
  • The Glaziers plan to get more involved with FD+C in selecting less maintenance-intensive windows and minimizing the number of windows at new building and renovation projects. Done and will continue as innovations and rebuilds are increasing District wide.
  • Purchase a new high tech commercial printer for Sign Shop. Current printer is outdated and inadequate for reproducing needed signs (large vinyl and poster). Goal on-hold while searching for an economically priced printer.

2013-14 Goals

  • Complete the sanding and finishing of auxiliary gym floors with a water based sealer at the few remaining schools not accomplished in previous fiscal year: Wherry Elementary, Eisenhower Middle School, and Rio Grande High School.
    • Athletic Directors at select schools have elected to continue using an oil-based sealer, which doesn’t conceal areas of repair. Such schools are required to sign-off in agreeing to the repairs of oil-based floors being visibly apparent. However, soon all schools will be changed to water bases and all oil based will be gone.
  • Replace the upper mezzanine bleachers in the main gym of at least two schools (likely one high school and two middle schools); currently inspecting and completing assessments.
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